REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS Oct. 18 to Oct. 22, 2021



Oct. 18, Charles F. Holzwarth and Stephen J. Bloomer sold 40 Knoll Drive to Brandon Dana Edward Labonte and Sheri Lavon Labonte for $3,006,000.

Oct. 19, Charlene M. Antrim and Elizabeth A. Farland, trustees of Jane D. Farland Trust and Joseph A. Farland Trust, sold 185 Upper Main St. to Sheila Bresnehan and John Bresnehan Jr. for $1,200,000.

Oct. 20, Joshua M. Flanders sold 10 Pine Tree Lane Unit 3A to Leg House LLC for $550,000.

Oct. 21, XVSouth LLC sold 15 South St. to Edward N. Williams and Megan H. Williams for $6,250,000.

Oct. 21, Michael A. Fierberg and Elyse C. Gellerman sold 30 Hamblen Way to Mathew J. Tombers for $1,025,000.


Oct. 20, the Estate of Thomas J. Crowley, Thomas Joseph Crowley, and Suzanne Peterson sold 255 Blue Heron Drive to Werner Bargsten and Susan Schwarzald for $1,585,000.

Oak Bluffs

Oct. 18, Joel T. Peed and Rita T. Peed sold 17 School St. to Lucy L. Thomson and Arthur Peabody Jr. for $840,000.

Oct. 18, Copper Properties Partners LLC sold 20 Paddock Road to Paddock Bluff LLC for $3,100,000.

Oct. 21, James P. Esposito Jr. sold 47 Head of the Pond Road to Thomas Juster and Elizabeth Hynes for $1,660,000.

Oct. 22, Richard C. Schnetke and Julia E. Schnetke sold 69 Brush Pond Road to Elisa M. Speranza for $1,750,000.

Oct. 22, 309 County Road Rental LLC sold 309 County Road to Lloyd D. Daughtry and Jannie Simon Daughtry for $1,200,000.

Oct. 22, Mark Saloio and Meara Saloio sold 53 Columbian Avenue to Gregory W. Dear and Emily A Dear for $940,000.


Oct. 18, Michael F. Cooney and Nancy E. Cooney sold 0 MV Harbor Landing Condominium Unit 66 Week 21 to Jonathan Senecal for $300.

Oct. 19, James A. Glavin, trustee of MVT Realty Trust, sold 15 Lyle Lane to Joseph H. Turney and Laurie A. Turney for $1,400,000.

Oct. 22, Patricia J. Mello, trustee of Herbert N. Bianchi trust and Osmana Bianchi Trust, sold 188 Fairfield Ave. to Richard S. Dublin, trustee of Fairfield Avenue Realty Trust, for $720,000.

West Tisbury

Oct. 18, Tisaquam Partnership sold 90 Campbell Road to Nancy Kirby for $2,900,000.

Oct. 19, Alexander Leland Boyle, Andre Roberts Koester, Elinor Edgworth Roberts, Elinor Roberts Kotchen, Elizabeth Roberts Daigard, and Greer Boyle Thornton sold 87 Longview Road to Caroline R. Flanders, trustee of Second Street Trust, for $510,000.

Oct. 20, Middle Road Farm LLC sold 0 Middle Road Lot 3 to Stone Wall Farm LLC for $1,875,000.

Oct. 20, Brian R. Kenney and Blair E. Kenney, trustees of the Trust for the Benefit of Elizabeth Blair Kenney, and Kristen Brock Kenney, trustee of the Trust for the Benefit of Kristin Brock Kenney, sold 52 Middle Road and 0 Middle Road Lot 4 and Lot 5 to Stone Wall Farm LLC for $6,325,000.

Oct. 22, Caroline R. Flanders, trustee of Lot 13 Nominee Trust, Harry M. Lasker III, trustee of Red Farm Realty Trust III, Red Farm Realty Trust V, and Red Farm Realty Trust VI, sold 0 Christiantown Road and 0 Red Farm Road to Alan R. Cottle for $2,000,000.