Aquinnah: Last week was a lot to manage

— Kyra Steck

Last week was a lot to manage. First there was that very intense nor’easter that came through Tuesday night and lasted through Wednesday, knocked out power all over the Island. Here in Aquinnah, most of us had our power restored about 24 hours later — thank you Eversource! But some people had to wait until the weekend for the lights and everything else to come back on. I have been here 20 years and while I realize that is a drop in the bucket in Martha’s Vineyard time, that was the worst storm that I have ever experienced here. I frequently joke that the winter winds here sound like they are trying to kill you but that wasn’t a joke with this storm, they literally sounded like they were trying to destroy everything in their path, including you. Two large trees came down on our road and many other limbs snapped off and there were shredded leaves everywhere.

The wind woke me up early on Wednesday morning, around 3 — I found out later that many people were awoken at that time, perhaps because the wind sounded like a freight train. Wednesday during the day was slightly better, but there were still strong gusts scattering debris everywhere. We did make it to the old town hall where Aquinnah Emergency Management director Forrest Filler was, along with Gary Haley and Natalie Belain (who had come to charge her phone). The old town hall is our emergency shelter, and the generator was running so there were lights, functioning outlets, and running water. Thank you to everyone who helped to restore power and made sure our neighbors were okay.

On Sunday multiple high school teams along with their families and fans, took an early morning boat ride to Nantucket to play against the Whalers in field hockey, soccer, and of course, football. The field hockey team tied. The girls and boy’s junior varsity soccer teams won their games, the varsity soccer teams lost but put up good fights, and the football team was beaten pretty soundly and lost, 27-7. It was a fun and beautiful day to be on Nantucket, although the travel was long and the boat was crammed with teenagers. We pulled into Vineyard Haven around 7:45 pm and made the long drive home but some parents stayed down-Island to take their younger ones trick-or-treating. That is some dedicated parenting.

The League of Women Voters of Martha’s Vineyard has a dropbox at the Aquinnah Town Hall for used inkjet printer cartridges. The league sends the cartridges to a recycler, keeping thousands of inkjet cartridges from the landfill. There’s a purple dropbox with a sign on it in the entrance. If you have questions, call Irene Ziebarth at 202-68-8076 or email

On Saturday, Nov. 13, from 1 to 3 pm at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, there will be a “Conservation & Consultation: Old Photographs & Documents.” Many people (myself included) have boxes or albums of old photos. What to do with them all? Put them in a newer album? Digitize them? Join MVM curatorial staff for a drop-in primer on how to manage and digitize your photographs, old documents, and other family heirlooms so that they will last for generations to come. A scanning station will be available if you would like to donate digital versions of your photos to MVM’s collection. You do not need to register for this session, it is free to museum members and $5 for others. There will be two other sessions on Dec. 11 and Jan. 15.

Congratulations to Buddy and Lisa Vanderhoop who have a new puppy! His name is Willy, and he has noticeably big ears, velvety fur, is extremely cute and I can’t wait to meet him. Happy Birthday to my fellow Scorpios, Liz Witham, Nov. 5, Frank Perez, Nov. 8, and Gabriella Camilleri, Nov. 9.