Judge Barnes orders Buddy to pay up or show up

Judge Barnes told Mason Buddy, who appeared via Zoom, to pay up or show up after a surrender hearing was scheduled based on an allegation Buddy failed to provide court ordered compensation to a victim. — Rich Saltzberg

Mason Buddy, an elderly man who pleaded guilty in September to stealing from other senior citizens, appeared remotely in Edgartown District Court Monday for a probation violation hearing. Probation Officer Peter Zona told Judge Benjamin Barnes that Buddy was behind $1,000 on payments to a victim. Judge Barnes made it clear that if Buddy doesn’t produce “Mr. Green” for the victim (Clarence [“Trip”] Barnes, no relation to the judge) by his next scheduled court event, his physical presence in court would be mandatory. At his last court appearance, Judge John Julian appointed Matt Jackson to represent Buddy on probation matters. 

“I anticipate ‘Mr. Green’ will show up ahead of time, and if so we would request to be allowed to Zoom in,” Jackson said via video link. 

“Absolutely, if that does happen,” Judge Barnes said. 

Judge Barnes set Buddy’s final surrender hearing for Nov. 22. The judge made note that the record should reflect that Buddy won’t need to appear in person if he pays the balance due. 

“If he hasn’t made payment, he better be standing in the courtroom, or a warrant will be issued for his arrest,” Judge Barnes said. 

In September Buddy pleaded guilty to two counts of larceny over $1,200 by a single scheme for fleecing Janet Maine out of roughly $20,000 and stealing a $6,000 antique car from Barnes. As part of his plea deal, Buddy was ordered to provide restitution to Barnes and Maine through lump payments and monthly payments. 

Outside the delinquent $1,000, Zona told the court, Buddy otherwise had adhered to agreed-upon payments.