Poet’s Corner


By Lucas Thors

Best put on that dingy vest
Slightly too large and less than chic
Or the hat that doesn’t leave the mudroom hook
Save for walks on a day when the sky is wake-you-up blue.

Early in the season, when the roads are lined with trucks
And the leaves lead the way in donning their fall hues
How hard is it to mistake a bounding pup
For a doe or a button buck?

Even a bright bandana will do
To protect those evergreen wayfarers
From stray bolt
Or scattered shot.

Most times, you needn’t worry
But when dusk’s umbra falls on the forest floor
And the last hour of pursuit arrives
Some bowman may loose arrow in a hurry.

Occasionally, you may spot them
While on your regular morning stroll
— rifle peeking through wispy emerald foliage
Smile, wave, and walk past.

It’s that time of year, for sure
When plumes of crows presage
A reverberating bang
Like lightning’s sonorous shadow.

At least 500 inches of fluorescence
But some say it could be pocket-square size.
Just enough
To differentiate animal from animal.

So enjoy your woodsy outing
Without a care to hold you back
Just don’t forget that orange vest and hat.

Lucas Thors is a features writer and sometime news reporter for the MV Times. 

Poets with a connection to Martha’s Vineyard are encouraged to submit poems to Poet’s Corner curator Laura Roosevelt at ldroosevelt@gmail.com.


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