Bus driver praised for quick action


The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School school committee and the school administration gave a special shout-out and some new swag to school bus driver Monique Clermont for her attentiveness and quick action stopping a student from getting hit by a car. 

School committee chair Amy Houghton recognized Clermont for stopping a student crossing the street when a car did not adhere to the school bus stop sign and sped past. 

“Monique was ever-present and always looking out for kids, as I understand is always the case. She was able to yell quickly to keep that student from crossing the road,” Houghton said. “We wanted to recognize this really amazing extra effort, and all the extra effort bus drivers and you, Monique, have shown in the past couple of years.”

Principal Sara Dingledy told Clermont to visit the front office to receive a new purple MVRHS sweatshirt as thanks.

“Day in and day out, you guys have been doing a ton of work; we’re just so grateful for the field trips, the sports events, getting kids to school,” she said.

Clermont thanked the committee for the acknowledgment. “Thanks, you guys. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it,” Clermont said. “I’m very thankful that the student is safe. It was kind of a scary moment.”

In other business, the committee scheduled several meetings. The MVRHS budget subcommittee will meet Tuesday, Nov. 30, the school committee will meet on Monday, Dec. 6, to discuss the budget, and a full public hearing on the budget will be held Tuesday, Dec. 14.


  1. I hope the bus has a camera that got the plate #, and the license of the operator is immediately suspended and stays suspended until they do 5,000 hours of public service as a crossing guard.
    What are people thinking when they do stuff like that ?
    Kudo’s to Monique for paying attention.

  2. Good for you Monique….Your the kind of quick thinking school bus driver every community needs to keep the kids safe. Thanks!

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