Falling on deaf ears


To the Editor: 

So, at the special town meeting in Oak Bluffs on Tuesday, Nov. 9, over half the people present held their yellow plackets high and voted “NO” to the parallel parking part of the streetscape plan, which is estimated to cost almost $3 million.

We were told it was a nonbinding vote, and now, obviously it appears [the select board] was just placating us! There were some very good alternative suggestions, but they fell on deaf ears. The majority of the board members never intended to allow the plan to go to ballot. Instead those three are shoving it down the very throats that elected them to both represent and serve us. You are not listening. If you’re so tired of the back-and-forth, why not allow it to go to the vote of your constituents? That will fairly and democratically decide once and for all.

I agree this has gone on long enough, but this is not the kind of political process I expect from my town leaders. I, as well as many others, wonder if there might be an ulterior motive — maybe some self-serving is going on here? Perhaps the way you are securing the funding is such that you don’t legally have to hold a special election to ask the townspeople how to spend so much money that our tax dollars will be used to pay back? I sense opaque transparency at best. I’m quite disgusted with the way this is going down at the hands of the very people I both trusted and voted for. We will have the choice to not vote for you next time! So, PLEASE, have respect for your fellow citizens, and listen to all at the voting booth! 


Tommye-Ann Brown
Oak Bluffs