Sea Tease wreckage partially demystified


More has come to light regarding wreckage from the 43-foot trawler Sea Tease, which washed up in Edgartown, Falmouth, Oak Bluffs, and Tisbury in the spring of 2020. As The Times previously reported, the unoccupied Hyannis vessel was being eyed for sale, and had been strippped down. Hyannis Marina manager and Assistant Harbormaster Derek Lawson previously said the Sea Tease was wooden, and built in 1977. Lawson had difficulty believing the vessel could have drifted out of Hyannis’s inner harbor, where it was typically docked, and broken up. 

It turns out the vessel wasn’t in that harbor when it disappeared. According to a Massachusetts Environmental Police (MEP) report obtained by The Times through a public records request, the vessel was allegedly anchored near Colliers Ledge (off Osterville). The Sea Tease had been under tow to Marstons Mills. The fishing vessel Gypsy did the towing, with Thomas Ryshavy at the helm, a report by MEP Sgt. Scott Opie report states. 

“On April 6, I contacted Ryshavy via cell phone. Ryshavy confirmed he had towed the vessel out of the harbor, and stated he had a verbal agreement with the owner (Brian Olander) to tow his vessel over to North Bay in Marstons Mills. Ryshavy confirmed the vessel was stripped of its equipment, but did state there were cement cinder blocks located within the hull that he believed were there to help stabilize the vessel,” the report states. “I asked him if the vessel ever completed the trip, and Ryshavy stated ‘no’. According to Ryshavy, while transiting along Craigville Beach in [the] vicinity of Colliers Ledge, his vessel (FV Gypsy) had suffered an engine casualty associated with a loss of fuel. Ryshavy added he had disconnected the tow line and anchored the 43-foot vessel and returned to Hyannis Harbor to correct the engine issue. Upon return to Colliers Ledge, he could not locate the 43-foot vessel, and assumed it had sunk. 

Ryshavy stated he did not notify either the Coast Guard or harbormaster of the potential hazard to navigation, nor did he notify MEP to file a boating accident.”

The report provides no information on how the vessel may have sunk. 

Sgt. Opie subsequently learned the Sea Tease was uninsured, and its owner didn’t wish to press charges. 

The report states Ryshavy was given a citation for “failure to report a boat accident.”

Reached Nov. 10 while he said he was conching, Ryshavy said he would comment later. He did not respond to subsequent calls made by The Times. 

Olander couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.