Tisbury PD steps up for shoppers and Food Pantry


Updated 5:15 pm 

Tisbury Police and traffic officers were staged in the lot beside the Vineyard Haven Stop & Shop Wednesday to assist shoppers with their holiday-heavy grocery bags, bring back shopping carts, and collect food and cash donations for the Island Food Pantry.

“This is amazing,” Stop & Shop manager Michael Johnson said. Johnson said not only was it great to see the donations being collected for the Food Pantry, but the help given by Tisbury Police in shuttling the carts back was of “tremendous” assistance to the store.

“As everybody else, you know, we have a labor shortage, and it’s just a big help when we can stay inside and focus on our customers,” Johnson said. Johnson said it was a busy day with lots of last-minute Thanksgiving shoppers. 

Tisbury Police Lt. Bill Brigham said donations were brisk, and he expected the pickup truck where they were being collected to fill up before 4 pm, when officers wrapped up their work. He expected a trip would need to be taken to the Island Food Pantry before 4 pm. 

Lt. Brigham said Officer Andrew Silvia, Sgt. Max Sherman, Officer Anthony Fusaro, Officer Sam Koohy, Officer Carla Gomes, Officer Christina Whitney, and Officer Ed St. Pierre made up the volunteer team.

Lt. Brigham tipped his hat to Sgt. Sherman, who organized the event.



  1. This is great, and nice to see the Times covering one of the many POSITIVE things that the new roster of TPD officers do. Our family and many like us know there are good officers of there and we support you. Thank you for your service & Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  2. Rather interesting to hear from, of all persons, the Tisbury Police, issue cautions to the citizens on matters of public safety, but just too darn busy to issue cautions and photos of the still missing Glock.
    Much too busy for a little self-reflection on how broken the Department has become.
    Rather than executing search warrants to the relevant parties in that missing Glock case, “let’s all stand around Stop & Shop and harass the shoppers.”

  3. Well stated Mr. Kozak! This is a perfect opportunity for these soon to be ‘former’ police officers to showcase their abilities at stop and shop where there are job’s aplenty!!! As always a tip of everyone s hat to the Max the cart man!

  4. There’s not enough community service hours in the universe to help the TPD’s reputation. At this point it’s a lost cause.

  5. Give it a rest! I suppose you very smart people would prefer the military because that is where it is headed. There will be a day when you pray for local police when my boys in the 101st Airborne Division roll in and don’t leave. You are tricking yourselves as usual. Or maybe you will arise at 3:00 am and quell a drunk brawl. I don’t think you all have a clue what is happening in your own back yard. Fentanyl anyone?

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