Bins aren’t being used properly


To the Editor:

The Red Cross is a wonderful organization, and its fundraising efforts should be well-supported. Among these efforts are collection bins in various places for donations of clothing and other items. 

The down-Island Cronig’s parking lot is one of the locations where the bins can be found. Despite the fact that there are signs that ask that goods should be placed in the bins, there have been numerous times when large quantities of things are strewn on the ground in the area all around them.

Aside from this being an eyesore, this material presents a health hazard. It is a good place for vermin to build nests, and a breeding place for all sorts of organisms. In addition, being exposed to various weather conditions leaves clothing and other goods practically unusable.

The maintenance of the bins is not the responsibility of Cronig’s, or even the Red Cross. However, it would appear that the Tisbury health department would be concerned and attempt to address the problem. In addition, the fire department might also have an interest. In addition to the problems noted above, the presence of the detritus also poses a fire hazard.

These bins serve a useful purpose. It’s a shame and a disgrace that they are not better maintained.

Ted Jochsberger
West Tisbury