Car crashes over wall in Vineyard Haven neighborhood


Updated 10:40 am

A two-car crash in Vineyard Haven Friday morning left a Toyota 4Runner dangling on a stone wall in front of 29 Franklin St. near the intersection with Center Street. The other vehicle involved was a Ford Escape. According to Tisbury Police Lt. Bill Brigham, there were “no apparent injuries.” However, both vehicles suffered front-end damage.

Brigham said the Ford driver was trying to pull out to Franklin Street from Center Street when it hit the Toyota that was driving toward West Chop from Spring Street. The Ford driver failed to yield, and hit the Toyota’s passenger side. The impact caused the Toyota driver to lose control of the vehicle, causing it to go up the wall of the Franklin Street property. 

“Sometimes people don’t look. You have to be careful when getting out of streets,” Brigham said, mentioning how narrow Franklin and Center Streets can be. 

Tisbury Police and EMS were dispatched to handle the situation and clean up the debris. Police cruisers initially blocked access points at the intersection of Franklin Street and Church Street, and at the T-shaped junction of Franklin Street and Spring Street. 

The Toyota was able to leave the scene, but the Ford needed to be towed. An officer parked the car in a nearby parking spot on Center Street so that it could wait to be towed by JWL Transport without obstructing traffic.

Updated with more details.


  1. The cemetery fence at the corner needs to be reviewed to enable cars lower to the ground to be able to look left. Perhaps the fence could be angled to allow Centre St traffic to look left? The sight lines there have been a problem for years. Fred LaPiana told me he was going to address this but retired before it happened.

  2. I don’t know what it is about that intersection. I have had many close calls there. Once even had the slightest of contact with someone pulling on to Franklin st. It seems like it is a candidate for the intersection with the most accidents in V.h. Is that information available ?
    Also note that the Toyota was stuck on the wall but could drive away.

    That reminded me of this old top gear video ( 3 parts) All 3 parts combined are about 15 minutes of great video. Especially for the owner of a Toyota truck, like myself. You WILL laugh. !

  3. Ha.
    The only problem I had with it was when he hit the tree. Trees are living beings. But point well taken about the mighty Toyota!

  4. Tangentially related to this topic…Why on earth are there no streetlights in Tisbury? It is appalling and unnecessarily dangerous that there is hardly a streetlight outside of the main corridor of Main St.

  5. I couldn’t agree more with John Daley about the lack of streetlights in Vineyard Haven! When I was growing up on William Street I know that the town had much more adequate lighting. But now what few lights are left are the dim yellow ones that are like having no lights. There’s got to be a different low cost option.

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