Holding vigils against racism

A Black Lives Matter Sign at the clothes store Timeless in Vineyard Haven. — Eunki Seonwoo

Martha’s Vineyard Black Lives Matter (MVBLM) invites Islanders to join in its monthly vigils. The vigils are on the first Sunday of each month at the Chilmark library at 10:30 am, from early spring to fall, according to the group’s website. The vigils are held virtually during the winter. 

During the vigils “a volunteer presents the story of a BIPOC/AAPI [Black, indigenous, and people of color/Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders] who was hurt or killed by law enforcement, we kneel in silence for 9:29 seconds, the actual time George Floyd was pinned under a knee until his death, and we collectively say their name,” according to the group’s website. “We offer announcements, and urgent and ongoing ‘Angst Into Action’ suggestions, such as events to attend, petitions to sign, legal cases to follow, organizations to donate to, and letter-writing and social media campaigns to join.”

To get more information about MVBLM, visit the website at mvblm.org. To get the Zoom link to the vigils, emails, and other items, sign up at mvblm.org/joinus


  1. ”Hurt and killed by law enforcement” unarmed or armed? Important difference. You wont find many in the unarmed category.

  2. Andy , Andy, Andy. When will you ever learn to not post Easily debunked garbage ? And of course you will think that even a utility knife counts as “armed” if a person of color is shot by a cop. But patriots storming the Capital building were unarmed because they only had clubs , spears, and bear spray. Only guns counted as “armed”there .

    • Don Don Don, when will you ever learn anything? Utility knives brought down the World Trade Center buildings!

      • Robert– You might not know this, but 2 large jets filled with jet fuel ran into the buildings at a very high rte of speed, set the upper floors of the buildings on fire and the fire weakened the light weight steel trusses, causing them to weaken, and causing the collapse the flooring structures, which caused the entire structure to “pancake”.
        It was all about gravity.

        • Well said, Don. And when a lie is racist, it’s always important to identify it out loud as racist, not merely “ignorant”. The “Black men are armed, dangerous, and violent” racist tropes are how racists excuse police murdering unarmed Black and Brown people for doing things like passing a fake $20 bill or having an expired car inspection sticker.

    • Don, why do you bother? I’m no longer willing to waste my time on the willfully ignorant. Sometimes, silence is best.

      • Dana- I bother not because I think I have any chance of changing the mind of someone like andy, but because there are other people watching.
        Some people might actually believe andy’s lie. I will call it out for what it is– A lie. Without wasting too much time researching this particular lie ( I am getting a bit tired of proving andys constant stream of partisan garbage incorrect ) It will suffice to say that at least 135 unarmed black people were shot and killed by police in the last 5 years.
        I feel obligated to call out lies.
        I agree with Jackie– Silence is complicity.
        I could not care less if andy believes it or not.
        I do care care if people can identify a person who constantly lies, and not believe anything that the person says.
        When enough people know that everything andy says is a lie, I will stop.

    • Not in the case of Andrew, Jackie. Some people are unwilling to hear anything that confronts their worldview. There’s work to be done, and wasting time, words and energy on AE and his ilk distracts from getting it done. Of the people who were negatively vocal about our presence on Beetlebung Corner, not one accepted my invitation to come over and talk with us. They just stepped on the gas.

      • I hear you, Dana. But it still remains true that every public pronouncement of any racist, anti-Semitic, or anti-Muslim trope needs to be pointed out as such. Let’s not use euphemisms like “ignorance” when what we’re really talking about is racism, no matter the source and no matter where we happen to run up against it. My Times comments on this matter are often censored because “name calling” isn’t allowed. You can call someone’s racist remark “ignorant” or “ridiculous”, but not “racist”. I call it what it is. If someone has the chutzpah to use this newspaper to publicly make racist and anti-Semitic remarks— and there have been many instances over the years— they need to be publicly called out as such, not tolerated in silence or euphemisms. There are people who read racist comments here and cheer with agreement. Let them. But let them know they’re cheering racism and the rest of most of the community knows it.

        I’d never ignore the systemic discrimination disseminated in these comments if I see them. If you don’t see my response pointing out the hate of prejudice in a comment that is racist it’s likely because I’ve been silenced by the moderator. I can no more ignore blatant racism than I can ignore a broken bone.

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