Dogcharmer: Pug or poodle?

Both breeds are a good option for a city dog — and both provide the cuddle factor.

Miniature poodles can be easy to train and they tend to have a long life. — Casey Chae

Hi Tom!

I am a 39-year-old single woman living in the city and want to get my first dog. I am trying to decide between a miniature poodle or a pug. Can you offer any advice for which breed would be best?

Appreciate your help!

Falon D’Amato

Dear Falon,

Your environment and lifestyle really count here. Regardless of which breed you choose, you’re going to fall madly in love with both! Generally speaking, the mini poodles seem to do better than the pugs health wise, and tend to live a little longer. Pugs being brachycephalic (the short snout) do not make great jogging partners. So, if you’re a jogger or serious hiker or biker and want four-legged company, think poodle. Pugs don’t like really hot weather, so if you live on the equator, think poodle. 

They’ll both be “cuddlebugs,” but Pugsters are clowns and will make you laugh out loud a whole lotta times. Poodles need to be groomed, pugs just need to be washed after rolling in something from hell. If you’re into the cerebral, serious training for off leash everything, the poodle might be easier. 

If you get into reading the dog, you’ll start to see, appreciate and enjoy how often the pup is trying to manipulate you, and seeing that is a helpful tool to get pooch to cooperate. Pug or poodle, congrats, it’s going to be great!

Dog Charmer Tom

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