Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 13 – 17, 2021







Dec. 13, Eunice Youmans sold 6 Berry Ave. to John Muckle and Leda Eizenberg for $630,000.

Dec. 13, Scott N. Storbeck and Kim S. Storbeck sold 80 Mattakesett Way to Richard S. Dubin, trustee of 80 Mattakesett Way Nominee Trust, for $2,650,000.

Dec. 17, Ann M. McNamara and Walter W. Keenan sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 414 Week 18 to Debra A. Kenney and William P. Welch for $2,000.


Dec. 13, Francis D. Dibble Jr., trustee of Sarah V. Hammett 2013 Trust and Robert Lee Hammett 2013 Trust, sold 6 Brewster Ave. to Frog Prince Cottage LLC for $2,725,000.

Dec. 14, Mercedes F. Agard, a.k.a. Mercedes F. Casanova Walker, trustee of Mercedes F. Casanova Walker Trust, sold 10 Inca Road to Eloizio Gomes Da Silva and Flavia Estevao de Freitas Gomes for $524,000.

Dec. 15, Catherine J. Hovey and Catherine A. Hovey sold 5 Rowland Avenue to Ralph A. Jaccodine, Mary E. Jaccodine, and Barbara A. Jaccodine for $224,062.50.

Dec. 16, Donald B. Edgar, Scott R. Edgar, and the Estate of Marie R. Edgar sold 12 Webaqua Road to Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of 12 Webaqua Road Nominee Trust, for $860,000.

Dec. 17, Jon W. Samaha, trustee of Jon W. Samaha Revocable Trust, sold 125 Sea View Avenue to Black Joy LLC for $2,500,000.


Dec. 16, Stephen G. Nixon, and Maryellen Nixon sold 145 Midland Avenue to Sarah C. Rohan for $840,000.

Dec. 17, Dunn Family LLC sold 16 Union St. Units C2 and C2A to Stone Bank Annex LLC for $1,000,000.


Dec. 17, Robert P. Carey Jr. and Deirdre C. Carey sold 187 Oak Lane to Melvin F. Williams Jr. and Laura A. Williams for $1,225,000.