Tisbury: The time to reflect

—MV Times

Heard on Main Street: Women and cats do as they please. Men and dogs should learn to live with it.

You do know that is just a variation on one of the laws of nature. You should all be convinced by now. Remember that we live where “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.”

I found the seasonal snow on Christmas Eve was a delight. And just enough to be pretty. Sorry, kids, but I can promise there will be more before we know it.

I do love the occasional ‘warm’ days — not so common in December in my memory. But then we are quickly reminded who is in charge here. And it is definitely not me.

The Wishing Tree at 124 William St. is still waiting for you. All are welcome to visit through New Year’s Eve to tie a ribbon and write wishes and prayers on this tree. Bring your own tags or ribbons to put on the tree. You can light a candle for someone you love, are thinking about, or are missing during this time. The Simpkins welcome visitors to the Wishing Tree all day and after dark as long as the lights are on. This is also a special and safe activity if you wear your mask and keep socially distanced. The wishes and prayers will go up in smoke on New Year’s.

I enjoyed a lovely holiday with a visit from my daughter. Sometimes a little one-on-one time is especially precious as this was. She was pleased that I got a chocolate mousse cake from the Black Dog. Years ago, when planning her wedding, she wanted that for her wedding cake. Of course, my reaction was predictable. “What? You, in a white dress? You have to be kidding.” We did enjoy it with the special guests and family on the evening before.

She and her husband moved from Colorado to Connecticut to be nearer to family, his are in New York. When she flew into Boston, she — and her coon cat — spent Christmas just before COVID with me. Then they went off to meet their cars and the furniture being delivered just before the New Year. They had stayed in a lovely B&B when house hunting earlier in the year.

These people became good friends and recently found they shared some Mayflower ancestry, so we were gathering some material for her to show them. They are not only friends, but also happen to be the parents of the founder of a business where my daughter now works. It is a small world.

Getting into the pool at our YMCA is very important to me, keeps me moving when I am reluctant to go out for walks in the very cold weather. I understand they are looking for more lifeguards. Did you know a 16-year-old can qualify for the job? I think all of them are wonderful, but eventually the kids do go off to college and such. As far as I know, there is no age limit for lifeguards. One of the side benefits is Y membership, too.

I have just begun reading a new book called “The End to Bias: A Beginning” by Jessica Nordell. I was a bit skeptical at first, but soon convinced of the validity of what is described as “unconscious bias.” The author speaks of the actual bias we all ignore but find in our hearts and our upbringing, even though we firmly believe we are simply not biased at all. She also gives a strong example of the obvious bias against women found in so many areas. One piece as a journalist was refused when submitted by Jessica, but was quickly accepted when resubmitted as written by J. D. This, her first book, is a book well worth reading.

You know that bumpy sidewalk someone in our town ordered? The Times told you the chemical used to make it that way is harmful to aquatic environments. Like the ocean right next to us? Is anyone in charge in our town?

Have you had your booster shot? The cases of COVID-19 are going up. You can get over- the-counter test kits, they say. Home testers who test positive can go to rapidtestmv.org for more information.

This is the time to reflect on the wonders of our lives — the thoughtfulness and kindness of the people around us. Celebrate the season and show your gratitude by passing this on to others.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Steve Bernier and Jeremy Rockman on Saturday, the first day of 2022! Happy birthday to John Chapman and Joan McDonough on Sunday. Tuesday belongs to Romeo Bonelli. Wish the best on Wednesday to Roberta Kirnjuly.

Heard on Main Street: Have a happy — and healthy — New Year! Please.