Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 27 to Dec. 31, 2021



December 30, Peter Lynch, David Lynch, and Laura Lynch, trustees of Lynch Realty Trust, sold 0 Lobsterville Road to Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $215,000.  

December 31, Stefanie J. Hecht and the Estate of Steven G. Roth sold 11B Rose Meadow Way to Douglas Janacek and Regina Janacek for $689,700. 


December 28, Paul S. Hornblower sold 51 Squibnocket Farm Road to Piqueabu LLC for $9,400,000.

December 28, Susan C. Skelley, trustee of David Flanders Family Nominee Trust III, sold 100 Pasture Road to Isabella F. Thorpe for $1,600,000. 

December 28, Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation, Inc. sold 86 Menemsha Crossroad to Jeanne Koenig and Jay Gardner for $1,237,500. 


December 27, Collins Unit 20 LLC sold 131 North Water Street, 0 Harbor View Hotel Suites, and 0 Collins Cottage Suites 20 and 20A to Luce Harbor View LLC for $1,800,000. 

December 27, 90 West Tisbury Road LLC sold 90 West Tisbury Road to Kaywan Ghazizadeh for $1,430,000.

December 28, Kyle C. Cazeault, trustee of C & C Realty Trust, sold 9 Boldt Farms Way for $1,300,000. 

December 30, Mary Stewart Allen, trustees of Athearn House Nominee Trust, sold 9 Huckleberry Hill Lane to Igor Pruciano and Carolinne Pruciano for $950,000. 

December 31, Alex Bernard and Kristen Bernard sold 7 Bernard Way to Michael S. Bonner, trustee of 7 Bernard Way Realty Trust, for $800,000. 

December 31, Kenneth Pease, Judith Leonelli, Karl Pease, Janis Pease, and Jennifer Gavelis sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 460 Week 26 to Jason Paul Becker, trustee of Becker Family Irrevocable Trust, for $13,000.

Oak Bluffs

December 27, Caleb Nicholson, trustee of McCarthy Family Realty Trust II, sold 60 Penacook Avenue to Melonie D. Parker for $1,225,000.

December 28, William B. Schaffner and the Estate of Ruth O. Schaffner sold 3 Quantapog Road to Keija C. Minor for $1,250,000. 

December 31, Three Corners LLC sold 30 Kennebec Avenue to 30 Kennebec LLC for $3,400,000. 

December 30, Michael Francis Correira and Jean Marie Correira sold 76 Summit Avenue to Leidinaura F. Rosa for $999,500. 

December 31, Holly Carroll-Cachimuel sold 16 Stanley Street to Taneisha Bonfield and Marureen Mothersill for $850,000. 


December 27, Leo Paul Desorcy, trustee of Bike Shop Realty Trust 1987, sold 24 Union Street to 24 Union Street VH LLC for $1,100,000. 

December 29, Rosemarie Willett sold 129 Lagoon Avenue to Sean Condon Donohue and Brooklin Adele Donohue for $873,200. 

December 30, Arthur D. Smith and Emma Smith, trustees of Smith Trust, sold 455 State Road to Karol LLC for $439,000. 

December 30, Ferryboat Village sold 79 Beach Road and 0 Tisbury Marketplace Condo Units 33 and 34 to Martha’s Vineyard Film Society, Inc. for $1,500,000.