Tisbury: I love our Island libraries

— Kyra Steck

Heard on Main Street: You are too blessed to be stressed.

I am sorry the Net Result will be closed until Jan. 27. They offer something special every day.

My heart aches for so many people who have been suffering this past month with more COVID. Just when we almost thought it was going to get better. It’s hard not to be a little scared at how fast things change.

I have read a lot of the books noted by our wonderful Vineyard Haven library in the online monthly newsletter. I allow myself to stop after a few pages if it is not what I want but have discovered a number of authors I have never read before. These books have helped keep me from feeling lonely these past several months. Not watching the news helps as well.

Reading keeps me from worrying about COVID — will we need a special mask or do I dare gather with close friends or family? We do need people — but sharing my thoughts with all of you helps me some. Thank you.

Journaling for Wellness with Lara Tupper sounds like a good idea as COVID keeps changing. This idea comes thanks to our library, online at 4 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 11. Whether you enjoy journaling, never considered it, or are somewhere in-between, you can sign up to explore journaling for wellness. Journaling can help articulate thoughts and challenges on the page during trying times. Register at bit.ly/journaling4wellness.

This workshop includes a brief discussion about the health benefits of journaling, short writing exercises, and tips about how to sustain greater self-awareness through writing. Lara has taught at Rutgers and is a published author who offers private manuscript guidance and tutorials.

How do you know whether your dog Is happy or excited? Humans often perceive a dog’s happiness in relation to how excited he is. The more excited, the happier we think he is. But excitement and happiness are not the same thing. Too much excitement can lead to behavior issues. Local dog (and human) trainer Brian Luce will help us distinguish between a happy dog and an excited dog at 6 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 11. He’ll help teach us when to eliminate excitement as well as how to change the way we see happiness in dogs. Register with amcdonough@clamsnet.org.

Also offered by our library at 1 pm on Wednesday, Jan. 26, is “Southern Culture: Perceptions of Northern and Southern U.S. Culture.” Professor Julie Mullis of Wilkes Community College in North Carolina has agreed to open her classroom for a discussion of perceptions of Northern and Southern U.S. culture, focusing on New England coastal towns and the Southern Appalachian foothills.

Professor Mullis will open with a 15-minute overview of the Southern Culture class. A pair of her students will ask a question. Two Northerners will have a chance to answer first, then anyone can pipe in. These questions will be aimed towards Martha’s Vineyard. Register with amcdonough@clamsnet.org.

Did you know librarian Anne McDonough has set up a club to Walk the Chop? They plan to meet every Wednesday at the library at 3 pm and walk/run or any combination to the West Chop loop. She says the course is not hilly and just over 3 miles. Rain or shine. No sign up necessary. Ask her at the library or the email address above.

I love our Island libraries. You know you can ask the Edgartown library if you want to learn more about how to make baked apples this month. That was my father’s favorite dessert. They also offer an online program about diets called “Evaluating your Choices.”

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Taylor Higgins. Tomorrow wish the best to Judy Belushi Pisano. Saturday belongs to Allyson Wajda. Happy birthday to David Burt on Monday.

Heard on Main Street: When is old enough to know better?