Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 3 to Jan. 7, 2022



Jan. 5, John Englert and Lee Englert sold 31 Flanders Lane to Sara Iantosca and Christian Iantosca for $2,250,000.


Jan. 3, Marshall Katzen and Bari Boyer sold 495 Katama Road, Unit F4, to Marc I. Sachs and Nancy H. Harris for $1,425,000.

Jan. 4, Richard S. Dublin, trustee of 25 Meshacket Road Realty Trust, sold 27 Meshacket Road for $650,000.

Jan. 6, Thomas O’Hanlon and Jennifer O’Hanlon sold 29 Jernegan Ave. to Alison Boys Ellwood for $920,000.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 4, John H. Casey and Leona Marie Casey, also known as Leona Castle, sold 1 Barnes Road to Rochelle Collins and Kevin Lamont Collins for $823,000.

Jan. 5, Autumn Construction LLC sold 68 Pond View Drive to Nikola Stalovic for $635,00.

Jan. 5, William L. Koenig Jr., sold 27 Tower Ridge Road to Julie Williamson for $499,000.

Jan. 6, William Strickland and the Estate of Mary Jo Mahoney sold 71 Alpine Ave. to Sarah Elizabeth Courcier and Mario V. Mercadante for $820,000.


Jan. 3, Abby Hirsch sold 152 Main St. to Richard M. Cummings and Erin G. Cummings for $980,000.

Jan. 4, Nikki Wolontis and Majorie Wood, trustees of Pilot Hill Nominee Trust, sold 274 Pilot Hill Farm Road to Thomas J. Rapone, trustee of Phyc Nominee Trust, for $1,200,000.

Jan. 5, Lillian G. Friedlander sold 0 Bigelow Road to MIMS LLC for $895,000.

Jan. 6, Barsha A. Tolin and Ronald H. Tolin, trustees of 47 Weaver Lane Realty Trust, sold 250 Winyah Lane to 250 Wynah Lane LLC for $1,499,000.