Takes issue with ‘Island community’


To the Editor:

Once again I take issue with your editorial for the same thing you continue doing. Here are two quotes from the editorial.

“The Island community lives on best when we’re doing what we can to support each other” and “to do what’s best for the common good.” Total poppycock, because you disregard the exclusive beach policies at Lambert’s Cove Beach, a West Tisbury town park. The town also has a diversity statement where they pledge to treat everyone equally, and then don’t. They also honor the natives on this Island by having Indigenous Peoples Day and not allowing them on the beach.

The town of Chilmark also has the same exclusive beach policies at Squibnocket Beach, where they used Community Preservation Act funds for the parking lot. Using public money and then denying public access to the beach there is not best for the common good.

If anything remotely like that happened in Oak Bluffs, you would be all over it. Here are the topics that got editorials about Oak Bluffs in the past year: mopeds, concerts on the harbor, streetscape x 2, the doughnut hole, and lead at the East Chop Lighthouse. More than 10 percent of your editorials last year were about Oak Bluffs, all of which put Oak Bluffs in a negative light.

Two recent editorials reference letters to the editor. It’s amazing to me that you can read the letter page and continue with these moronic editorials about community. I don’t care if you don’t want to address this blatantly obvious shortcoming of your editorials, but please drop the term “Island community.” End beach apartheid.


Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs