Maura Healey announces bid for governor

A screenshot from Maura Healey's video announcing her run for governor.

Ending months of speculation, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has announced that she will run for governor.

Healey formally entered the race for governor Thursday, putting economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic at the forefront of a campaign that she said would be built on “teamwork,” the State House News Service reported.

Healey, 50, released  a video Thursday morning announcing her candidacy for governor after two terms as attorney general, the news service reported. She highlighted her work taking on predatory lenders, and suing Exxon Mobil and Purdue Pharma over their roles in climate change and the opioid epidemic, according to the report.

The Boston Democrat said as governor she would work to “get our economy back on track,” expand job training opportunities, make child care more affordable and fight climate change.

“I know the years of the pandemic have been really hard, but I see a state that’s coming together with courage, grit and caring to do great things,” she said in the video.

Healey plans her first campaign event in Boston on Thursday morning.

Her decision to enter the race comes nearly two months after Gov. Charlie Baker announced he would not seek a third term. Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, who would have been Baker’s likely Republican successor, also announced she would not run. Geoffrey Diehl, who is supported by former President Donald Trump, is running for the Republican nomination.

Two other Democrats have also announced candidacies — Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz and Harvard professor Danielle Allen, according to the news service.

Healey would appear to be the odds-on favorite with a campaign warchest of $3.7 million. She would be the first woman and first openly gay person elected governor in Massachusetts history, the news service reported.

Jane Swift served as Massachusetts governor after Gov. Paul Cellucci stepped aside to be ambassador to Canada.


    • “Democrat Attorney General Maura Healey…would have her two-term public record as attorney general to defend. This includes her much-heralded, slam-dunk case against two top officials at the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home, where 76 veterans tragically died from COVID-19. Her case was thrown out of court…Baker also came under fire for the failures at the Soldier’s Home since he appointed the superintendent. But Baker will not be around for the Democrats to kick around on the issue. Healey will. And truth be known, Diehl, who announced his challenge to Baker long before Baker decided not to run, has been more critical of the outgoing governor than the [four] Democrats running have been combined…In other words, Diehl was willing to take Baker on before any of the Democrats did, Healey included.”

      “…even though Biden is not on the ballot in 2022, his dismal record as president will be. And the Republicans like Diehl will make the most of it. What Democrat running for governor in Massachusetts in their right mind is going out on the campaign trail to defend Joe Biden in the face of soaring inflation, open borders, crime, paying people not to work, mask mandates and a humiliating foreign policy?…as Biden grows weaker, and takes the Democrats down with him, watch for Diehl to grow stronger — even in Massachusetts. Joe Biden is the best thing Geoff Diehl has going for him.” Peter Lucas, Boston Herald.

  1. Maura Healey has been a stand-out attorney general. I can see why she might want to move up — if the corner office is indeed “up” from the AG’s office. Two excellent Democratic candidates have already thrown their hats in the ring for the governor’s race — and they’re both women: Danielle Allen and Sonia Chang-Diaz. In fact, having heard from most of the candidates running for statewide office this year, I’m seriously impressed by their caliber. The Democrats have a very deep bench in the commonwealth, and deciding whom to support in the Democratic primary is going to be tough.

  2. In my dealings with her office, there has been exhibited a knack for political decisions rather than a willingness to go in for an all out fight corporate corruption in all areas where Massachusetts citizen have been ripped off. She has not been a good AG in my mind. I do not support her for Governor.

  3. Note to Healy: don’t pull a Jane Swift and have the staff babysit your children, or commandeer the Commonwealths helicopter because you become too special to wait in the same traffic jams as the rest of us.
    Otherwise, good luck!

  4. In my attempt at direct dealings with her office, I have been disappointed by the lack of communication. I too would look to someone else, at this early stage.

  5. Maura Healy has been an exemplary AG for Massachusetts. Her office was very responsive and helpful to me personally, and I’ve been impressed with her staunch defense of democracy against the fascist Trump administration. What an improvement she would be from the weak governor we’ve had with Charlie Baker. Democrats have an impressive and qualified field of candidates. Every one of them is superior to that MAGA fool Geoff Diehl.

    • While I agree with your statements about Maura Healy being a great candidate, I disagree with your comment about Baker being weak. He dealt with the virus and refused to get into a pissing contest with the former president. For that alone he should be commended.

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