Lost keys


To the Editor:

After spending a long time in rehab hospitals due to a stroke, I was finally allowed to return to my beloved cottage in Oak Bluffs in December. As I stood at my front door, I realized, surprise, no keys! This precious set of keys most likely was lost before my odyssey leaving the Vineyard for my long hospital stay.

This particular set of keys — home, P.O. box, and key for my bicycle lock, were all together attached to a special key ring, a sort of brass medallion engraved on one side with a large bird (an eagle perhaps), sitting on three promontories (hills) with a verse reading: “Offert par la ville Nice” (Offered by the City of Nice), the place of my birth.

Please, if you find these keys, please call me, Gilbert Lorenzoni, at 508-560-9065.

Merci beaucoup. After long months of hospital stay, these keys found again would certainly enhance the course of a long recuperating period.

You might not see me again on my bicycle, but you all will notice me walking with a cane along the Beach Road and in town. You may remember me as your waiter. Your kindness and generosity over these past 47 years allowed me to pay for my treatments. God bless.

Gilbert Lorenzoni
Oak Bluffs