Seeds for the elderly

Seeds donated from generous seed producers will be planted by seniors at Island Elderly Housing. — Courtesy M.V. Grower

The Woodside Community Garden at Island Elderly Housing is a work in progress, and it has already proven to be a huge success with seniors who share the space and can enjoy rich experiences outdoors. Three months ago, an anonymous farmer known to Vineyarders as MV Grower reached out to four seed companies to ask if they would consider donating seeds for the senior community garden — they came through in a big way.

High Mowing Seeds Organic Seeds, Hudson Valley Seed Company, Mountain Valley Seed Company, and SBS on the Vineyard: they all donated seeds that were recently delivered to the Woodside Community Garden so the organization can start its own seed bank. Seniors can pick out the seeds they want and experience the process of planting, growing, and harvesting.