Tisbury: We all need to support our library

— Kyra Steck

Heard on Main Street: COVID-19 makes you wonder about old sayings: “However good or bad a situation is, it will change.” We keep hoping, though.

The Vineyard Haven library did reach the goal to build the new addition. Now there is a new campaign for state-of-the-art audiovisual systems. A local family has offered to match one dollar for every two dollars raised, up to $30,000. This would raise a total of $90,000 through this challenge. Taxpayers take note: This won’t cost us a cent more than any donation we make to our favorite library building fund. I cannot imagine you never went to one of the free classes, lectures, films, and other programs for all ages held in the old, crowded room on the lower level. 

I don’t know what I would have done without our library during the past 22 months. I have checked out more library books and audios and joined more Zoom lectures than ever before in my life. And, believe me, that is a lot of years. 

I even borrowed a Chromebook for a while. I had a serious financial problem with my old computer, and needed something to use while I waited for the new one. I probably had more one-on-one training for that computer than anyone else has ever needed. 

We all need to support our library and the wonderful team that has kept it going just for us for nearly two years of COVID. We all benefited from the services in the past, as well. Now if I could only get them to show me why I mess up my printer every once in a while. 

Speaking of the library, recent Zoom programs were offered by Karen Mort of the Cornell Cooperative Extension, who scheduled them before I could tell you. However, she has promised to repeat them in the spring — and let me know ahead of time. She is a member of the Spice Club. 

All her topics sounded good — but one especially struck me as unusual and important. “Dining With Diabetes” is for adults with Type 2 diabetes (or at risk). This free virtual program will help you stay healthy while living with diabetes. It includes ideas for making healthier choices at restaurants and grocery stores. 

You do have time to sign up for another show called “Fishing for Health,”’ about cooking fish; that is next Wednesday at 7 pm. Email or call our library for how to register. 

Friends of Kathy Ivory will be happy to hear that she is doing well after her last visit with the surgeon. She is so pleased with our local medical people. And she is feeling better now. 

I really did not send out many cards this past Christmas. That used to be so important, but with avoiding stores and such, I was very low on cards. And the impetus to do it was rather low. 

As a result, I have been delighted to hear from not only the wonderful friends who mailed cards — some even created artistic ones so beautifully, but also from some who hadn’t sent any cards last year. Most of these wrote a letter to catch me up with events, some a short note. And many called as well. That was all very special, so I ended up feeling guilty for not going out of my way to do cards. Then I realized that now I can make the calls or write a real letter to these special people. 

 A few friends gathered family at special places and then sent photos, which I just received. Both the scenes and faces bring back some good memories. 

It has been too cold — and windy — for me to go outside to walk lately. So I walk inside the house or climb stairs. A short video had some things I could do, so I am — my intentions are good. It was much more fun to go to the pool at the YMCA. Between the really cold weather and the COVID numbers on the Island, I have been staying home for awhile. Why do I always want something that is easier or more fun? 

Fortunately, I figure we are still sort of in the beginning of the New Year. Perhaps I can find a resolution that will stick this time. Though I did think those were pretty good excuses to take some time off. 

I just realized my father would have been 150 on Monday. Yes, he was getting old when I was born. But not that old. 

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go to my brother-in-law Allen Mayhew today. I forgot to put a card in the mail, so now I can tell him I remembered him in the column, though he hasn’t been in town for a few years. Happy birthday to Suzanne Kennedy on Saturday. Wish the best to Susie Thurber on Monday. Tuesday belongs to Beau Linderson. 

Heard on Main Street: It must be true. Everyone says so: “Broken cookies have no calories.”