Equuleus drags its moorings

The Equuleus, a coastal freighter, dragged its moorings on Monday. — Eunki Seonwoo

The coastal freighter Equuleus, which belongs to Ralph Packer, was found slowly drifting on the waters of Lake Tashmoo on Monday afternoon. 

“It looks like it dragged its moorings,” Tisbury harbormaster John Crocker said, although he was not certain when or how it happened. 

Crocker said the freighter is owned by Ralph Packer, who confirmed that the moorings were dragged. Packer said the moorings will be fixed soon. 

Glenn DeBlase, who works with Packer, said Equuleus has not been used in a long time because it falls under the Jones Act, otherwise known as the Merchant Marine Act. This act “requires that all merchandise loaded at one U.S. port and unloaded at another U.S. port” to be transported on an American built, documented, owned vessel that was never sold to a foreign citizen, according to the U.S. Naval Institute News. 

Equuleus was made in Denmark and was used in the Baltic Sea, according to Packer. It was later used by Norway, but a new policy made the freighter not usable in that country, so Packer purchased one of the 20 freighters.  

“Right now, it is sitting comfortable in Tashmoo,” Packer said.