Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 31 – Feb. 4, 2022



Jan. 31, Peter M. Seigle sold 54 Cooke St. to Double D LLC for $4,350,000.

Feb. 3, Philip Mercier, trustee of Ben-Amo Realty Trust, sold 130 Cooke St. to Cooke Street 130 LLC for $1,180,100.

Feb. 3, Cooke Street Realty LLC sold 132 Cooke St. to Cooke Street 132 LLC for $1,155,300.

Feb. 3, Cook Street Realty LLC sold 134 Cooke St. to Cook Street 134 LLC for $1,064,600.

Feb. 4, Patricia M. Hastry sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 360 week 18 to Amy C. Morgan for $400.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 31, Katherine Trantafillou and the Estate of Allan Niles Howe sold 27 Linton Ave. to Tracy L. Dawson for $925,000.

Feb. 1, Jodi Tudisco, Gary K. Piro Inc., Isabella Pilar Tudisco Sadacca, Karin Branch, and Amy French sold 63 Circuit Ave. to Sweet Investors LLC for $1,600,000.


Jan. 31, Mary E. Horowitz sold 79 Beach Road units 15 to 18 and units 4 to 7 to Salopia LLC for $908,500.

Feb. 2, Ryan J. Fisher and Yvonne S. Fisher sold 61 Lagoon Pond Road to SHM Vineyard Haven LLC for $2,500,000.

Feb. 4, Caroline A. Bass and the Estate of Walter E. Bass Jr. sold 151 Bernard Circle to MCAMM LLC for $522,308.16.

West Tisbury

Jan. 31, Thomas P. McAlister, trustee of Indian Hill Nominee Trust, sold 400 Indian Hill Road to Laurie David for $2,400,000.