Art Class: 2022 Scholastic Awards

In a year of rebuilding, students get creative.


When I was a high school student, my community newspaper did a write-up about a sculpture I did that was on exhibit at a small local art gallery. There was something important about seeing my work published in the newspaper. It made me feel like I was officially not only an artist, but a published artist. That meant a lot to me. I included the newspaper clipping in my portfolio, along with some awardwinning pieces. I went on to study at the Massachusetts College of Art, graduating with a degree in graphic design.

A little recognition from my community went a long way in building my confidence as an artist, and now I have the opportunity to do the same for these students.

The MV Times, with help from school staff and the support of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, is honored to publish this collection of artwork by the incredibly talented students of the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School. We hope you enjoy the work they have been creating. May this be an asset in their blooming artistic careers.

Chris Baer, chair of the Art, Design & Technology Department at MVRHS, helped compile the content. Along with Tiffiney Shoquist, drawing, painting, and fashion teacher; Elsbeth Todd, design and architecture, cartooning, animation, and 3D Design teacher; Brendan Coogan, crafts and sculpture teacher, and Chris Connors, computer technology, programming, and web design teacher.

MV Times’ print production department, along with myself, enjoyed selecting the artwork and provided the layout of this publication.

Many of the works showcased were entered in the 2021-2022 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition, and regional awards were announced Jan. 28, 2022. We selected some works that were not entered in the competition, as well as some that received awards.

– Nicole Jackson

A word from Chris Baer

Why do I feel the visual arts are especially important to students navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic? Whoo! That’s a big question. This has been a rebuilding year, as students are still relearning how to “school” again — how to be students, how to navigate the social structures and school rules, how to do schoolwork and homework, and more. It’s been a stressful year for everyone — many kids lost a year of growth (not just academics). And teachers, of course, are trying to navigate the evolving landscape, and learn some hard lessons and new tricks. I think all of us have grown an appreciation for ways to make our school a more meaningful community for kids, and how to engage them in ways that are not just grade-driven. We try to offer projects and opportunities that excite kids, and give them tools to let them express themselves in new ways. This year is all about building on engagement. And some kids have also discovered new ways to engage themselves artistically at home, and so we’re sometimes trying to keep up!

“After not being in school for so long, it was really nice to be able to be in school doing photography. It is much easier to learn about and make art in school.”
–  Hannah Murphy

“I graduated early but I made the best of my last semester with the art department. I ended my semester with a photography show at Featherstone and then won a Gold Key and an Honorable Mention.”
– Kayleigh Bollin

“I prefer sculpture or jewelry making. My favorite medium is glass. It can be hard to work with at times, but I just like that I can kind of go off on my own and use all my creativity.”
– Adam Miller

“Yet being the class I feel the most comfortable in, Crafts & Sculpture is the only class I’ve taken that challenges and inspires me to work harder and more creatively.”
– Silas Abrams

“Learning animation taught me much more than just drawing a story onto frames. It taught me how to navigate many editing applications such as Photoshop and WeVideo. These skills have been very useful to me even outside of animation or cartooning, in other school projects too!”
– Clarissa Pinto

“My favorite part of the art-making process is planning out the painting. Sketching, mixing the colors, but also finding the 3D elements that I’ll use. I love adding tiny beads and jewels. My absolute favorite thing to do is use beads for the braids in my paintings. It’s one of my favorite hairstyles to wear so I end up painting it a lot! ”
– Nyoka Walters

M.V. Public Charter School awards

Silver Key

  • Matti-Lyn Floyd, Grade 12, Photography, “Lost in a Wish”

Honorable Mention

  • Matti-Lyn Floyd, Grade 12, Photography, “Check to You”

M.V. Regional High School awards

Gold Keys
  • Harding Eville, Grade 12, Photography: “Connection” and “Invasive Species”; Senior Art Portfolio: “Natural Wonders”
  • Kayleigh Bollin, Grade 12, Photography, “Seeing Beauty”
  • Tobias Russell Schaeffer, Grade 10, Photography, “Juvenile Perspective”

Silver Keys

  • Dylan Bowen, Grade 12, Senior Art Portfolio, “Growing Up a Girl”
  • Griffin Stead, Grade 11, Ceramics & Glass, “Beast Upon the Tower”
  • Isabella Merriam, Grade 11, Photography, “Quiero entender”
  • Isabella Merriam, Grade 11, Photography, “Pride”
  • Jack Holmes, Grade 11, Photography, “Steady Burn”
  • Kaitlin Fingado, Grade 10, Photography, “That Horse Whiskey”
  • Rodeo Purves-Langer, Grade 9, Photography, “Who is Home?”
  • Silas Abrams, Grade 12, Ceramics & Glass, “Bamboo Handled Tea Pot”
Honorable Mentions
  • Beth Jennings, Grade 9, Photography, “Words Can Hurt, but They Can Heal, Too”
  • Clarissa Pinto, Grade 10, Film & Animation, “Monochrome”
  • Dylan Bowen, Grade 12, Photography, “Arms of Maa Durga”
  • Henry Wansiewicz, Grade 9, Photography, “Focus issues”
  • Joshua Salop, Grade 9, Photography, “Road Trip”
  • Kayleigh Bollin, Grade 12, Senior Art Portfolio, “Making the Invisible Visible”
  • Quinlan Slavin, Grade 9, Photography, “It Made Her Do It”
  • Rodeo Purves-Langer, Grade 9, Photography, “Water St.”
  • Sawyer Schaefer, Grade 9, Photography, “Apple Tree Perks”
  • Silas Abrams, Grade 12, Ceramics & Glass, “Eyeball Pot”

For a PDF of Art Class 2022, click here.