Real Estate Transactions: Feb. 14 – Feb. 18, 2022



Feb. 14, Stephen J. MacLellan and Pauline H. MacLellan sold 5 Tree Frog Lane to Charles Sennot and Julie Sennot for $1,753,000.


Feb. 14, 27 South Street SPE LLC sold 42 Slough Cove Road and 12 Loon Cove Way to Debra Milansincic for $8,275,000.

Feb. 15, Donald F. Rogers Individual & Trust and Helen E. Rogers Family Realty Trust sold 2 Teaberry Lane to Jose Carlos Rebeiro and Valtiza Borges Ribeiro for $810,000.

Feb. 15, 41 Smith Hollow Drive LLC sold 41 Smith Hollow Drive to Martin King Jr. for $1,500,000.

Feb. 15, 32 West Street LLC sold 29 Slough Cove Road to 29 Slough Cove SPE LLC for $2,459,000.

Feb. 17, William P. Lee and Annmarie Lee sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 357 weeks 32 and 33 to Lisa Pantalone Rollins and Joyce Hutchinson Pantalone for $50,000.

Feb. 18, Elizabeth A. Farland, trustee of Joseph A. Farland Jr. Trust and Jane D. Farland Trust, sold 183 Upper Main St. to Gary Daula Vineyard Designs LLC for $1,519,000.

Feb. 18, David J. Dundedale sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 402 week 38 to James V. Duffy and Judith A. Duffy for $5,541.

Feb. 18, Lundgren Equity Partners LLC sold 63 Peases Point Way North to Jack R. Ripsteen and Vaness Mandel Ripsteen, trustees of Ripsteen Revocable Trust for $5,600,000.

Oak Bluffs

Feb. 16, Adman G. Church and Robyn A. Bettencourt sold 5 Masonic Ave. to Edina Gomillion for $765,000.

Feb. 18, Ramsay R. Gourd, trustee of Ramsay Gourd Family Trust Agreement, sold 19 Beecher Park to Whitney M. Hammett and Alison J. Hammett for $805,000.