Edgartown: Congratulations to Warner and her folks

— MV Times

Greetings and happy March. Isn’t it March that comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, or vice versa? Regardless, it’s March, and our little Island will soon start bustling again in preparation for spring and summer. The quiet months of winter have gone by quickly this year. 

My brother and sister have been in town for the past week, taking over for me at Pop’s house so that I could still go see my girl over school break. As I write this, I’m sitting on the deck of the hostel where my Mel works, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by flowers and wild critters. It’s a bargain-basement trip thanks to air miles and staying in a hostel, and it is wonderful. The lizard in the silverware drawer freaked me out a little, but more because he surprised me than because he was scary. We aren’t doing much. Mel continues to work mornings, and I just sit and try to relax with puzzles and books and such. Trying not to spend too much money. It’s really about seeing my girl. The rest is just icing on the cake, as they say. By the time you read this, my little trip will be coming to a close. 

Next week I will be returning to work, as my siblings will still be here. After that, we will have to figure out a schedule to make sure we can all be around to help Pop while also taking care of our own responsibilities. Thank you to all who have asked for Poppy and sent thoughts our way. He’s doing great. Hoping to drag him out and about this weekend to see the outside world.

Happy birthday to Kathy Smith on Feb. 28, Nelson Oliver on Feb. 29, and Mark Hess on March 1. 

And speaking of Mark Hess, did you know he wrote a book? “You Don’t Have a Prayer: A Collection of Stories, Articles, Incidents, and Tributes from 30 Years and Beyond at the Edgartown Golf Club.” The book includes stories from the golf course, of course, but also some stories of the Island in general, and a history of golf on the island. It’s available at the EGC Pro Shop.

And in other Hess news, Warner Hess, daughter of Mark and Kelly Hess, graduated from the Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute in Nashville recently. And not only that, but she also landed her dream job in the area as well. Such exciting news for her and her family. Congratulations to Warner and her folks. 

There will be an Edgartown School PTA meeting on March 8 in the school staff dining room at 2:40 pm. All Edgartown School parents are welcome. 

Did you venture out to the “real” world over vacation? I didn’t see a ton of pictures on social media, but I’m guessing people ventured to far away, or even close away, places. If you have stories to share, please feel free to send them to me at ggardnermv@gmail.com

I don’t feel that I can sign off this week without mentioning the crisis in Ukraine. First, I support Ukraine. I don’t think countries should invade each other,without some sort of (preferably moral, not economic) reason. Second, I personally think Putin is a very bad human who cannot be trusted, even when he is not invading another country. Third, this is clearly not “self-defense”. Ukraine is tiny. Russia, not so much. All of that said, I still look at this through the lens of a military mom. Of course I worry for my son, and what this could mean for him and his friends. But I also look at the faces of those Russian and Ukrainian fighters, and can’t help thinking that they are someone’s child, sibling, or parent, and for those families, no matter what happens down the road, this will cause terrible damage. While I have anger toward Putin and the Russian government, my heart hurts for the humans caught in his egotistical web. 

That about does it for this quiet week. Welcome back to reality. If you were able to get away, may that little respite tide you over until spring returns to M.V. If you couldn’t get away, hold on a little longer. Spring isn’t far away. Have a great week.