Edgartown: It will be so weird

— Shelby Regan

Ahhhhh. The dreaded re-entry to winter on M.V. after a vacation to the beach! I feel quite refreshed, but a little overwhelmed, as I am also returning to work for the mornings, for the next couple of weeks at least. I’ve got first-day-of-school jitters tonight as I write this. It feels like I’ve forgotten everything I know. But it will be so great to see the kids, especially now that I’ll be seeing their faces for the first time in two years. I will continue to wear my mask, as I don’t want to put my dad at risk, but I know families are excited to have kids mask-free finally. It will be so weird.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Drew Kelly and Will Bruguiere on March 7, and Solange Dos Santos and Richard Prieto on March 10.

The FARM Institute continues to offer cooking classes for adults on Saturdays for $48 to $60, depending on membership status. This week at 5:30, participants will learn how to make their own pasta with farm-fresh eggs. Menus and themes change monthly, so check back for specific class details. They’ll do a small tasting, and each participant will take home a batch of their own pasta to cook up at home, so please bring your own container to do so if possible. For March, we’ll be making Orecchiette con le Cime di Rapa (Apulian Orecchiette With Broccoli Rabe). Sign up for one class, or sign up for them all. All participants must wear a mask while in the FARM Kitchen. Go to bit.ly/3vDhCbw to register.

The Vineyard Haven library is offering Online: Advance Care Planning with Healthy Aging M.V. at 10 am on March 16. Per their post, sharing your wishes for end-of-life care can bring you closer to the people you love. It’s critically important. We know that no guide and no single conversation can cover all the decisions that you and your family may face. What a conversation can do is provide a shared understanding of what matters most to you and your loved ones. This can make it easier to make decisions when the time comes. Join the conversation to gather the toolkit. Go to bit.ly/3pGuFFc to register in advance for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Felix Neck is offering Full Moon Owl Prowl on Thursday, March 17, from 7 pm until 8 pm. Join staff at Felix Neck for a bright moon stroll to look, listen, and learn about these nocturnal birds. Dress comfortably for the weather. Go to bit.ly/FNOwlProwl to register.

The Edgartown library is offering a number of in-person events again for kids. From drop-in paint groups to Lego groups, there are many things to do with your youngsters. Check out the website, edgartownlibrary.org, for details. It is also offering adult events, such as movies. It might be time to venture back out into the world for these in-person events.

Two years ago this week, the world shut down. March 13 was the last day of normal life as we knew it. And even with masks coming off now, normal isn’t the same as it was then. Isn’t it amazing that it has been two years? It seems like forever, and so quick at the same time. I think that as an Island community, we have all been pretty supportive of each other, and I’m grateful. I am always grateful at how our Island community pulls together during hard times. 

Want to learn more about the M.V. housing bank warrant article? The League of Women Voters is offering an information session about the article on March 16 at 6:30 via Zoom, or you can watch it on MVTV Live. You can register for the Zoom link and find out more information at ccmvhb.org.

This week also marked two years since my boy officially became a Marine, and we went down to Parris Island for his graduation from boot camp. Two years down. Three to go. I’m so proud of him for fulfilling his dream from childhood, but I miss him like crazy. As I think I’ve said before, I love who my kids have become as adults, but man, do I miss the little people they were. Nothing really prepares us for letting them go.

I have to say that my trip to Hawaii was incredible. Again — feeling so grateful for that time with my girl and for my siblings who came here to be with my dad so that I could still go see my girl. The most amazing thing about the trip, other than my girl, was the whales! We could actually sit on the beach and watch them from the shore. And then when we were swimming underwater, you could hear their songs. Definitely a highlight of a lifetime for me. They are just such majestic creatures, and to know that I was swimming in the same ocean that they were in was incredible. I feel very blessed. And I have to tell you, I got my plane ticket with air miles and stayed in the hostel that Mel works in. They have everything from basic bunks for about $30 a night to nice beachfront rooms for around $195 a night. I stayed in the middle-of-the-road space, with my own room with shared living areas. But no one was ever just hanging around, so I rarely connected with the others there. Big Wave Dave was the one I encountered the most. He spends a few months there each year surfing the big waves, but also works from the cabin at the same time.

A swell had come through while I was there, so the waves were far too big for me to attempt surfing, but I had a blast watching other surfers in action. I highly recommend the hostel, Backpackers Hawaii. It’s a great way to get away at a relatively affordable price. But trust me, I am very well aware of the fact that I am beyond lucky to get away. And I’m just incredibly grateful. Little did I know that when I had Mel, she would introduce me to an entirely different and magical world. And it warmed my heart to see the world she is creating for herself. But leaving her and paradise at the same time was incredibly hard. I promise to try to keep the aloha spirit alive in my life here, even with several more weeks of winter ahead.

That’s all I’ve got at this time. Have a wonderful week. Fingers crossed that our numbers will remain low as we head into a mask-free MV.