Poet’s Corner


As You Were
By Fan Ogilvie

It seemed we were over war
When we were born.
We went quickly from armistice
To Bozo The Clown under the sea.
But our brothers dressed in Army
And Navy caps to train for the next war.
When it was our war we looked for a way
Out. Many of us went in. Stayed in.
War does that- if it’s yours it keeps you
Close to its fear and excitement.
There is nothing quite like it.
What protestors for peace don’t get —
After a quiet time to rest,
What people lust for is war.

Fan Ogilvie has published two books of poems, “You” and “Easinesses Found,”; several chapbooks, including “The Other Side of the Hill” and “In this Place”; and a memoir, “Knot a Life.” She is planning to publish a poetry dialogue between herself and Sappho. She lives in West Tisbury with Robin Motherwell Ogilvie, her Irish Russell terrier, and her husband Donald. She facilitates the Cleaveland House Poets poetry workshop, and reads poems regularly at the M.V. Center for Living.

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