Covid Monologues MV calls for submissions


Covid Monologues MV is currently accepting monologues of 650 words or less as they relate to: what’s currently going on, any pandemic-related thoughts since November 2021 (since the book was compiled, pre-omicron) and/or a pandemic retrospective. 

A press release from the two editors, Jennifer Knight and Moira Silva, says, “Can you believe that after two years, we can finally unmask inside? We’re in the midst of a huge moment in the pandemic. How does that feel? What questions do you have? What revelations have you had? If you could write a letter to yourself in March 2020, what would it say?” 

Submissions can be sent to The editors ask that you include a short, two-sentence bio. If your piece is selected, it may appear in an e-book format or an upcoming theatrical production. Writers of all ages are encouraged to submit.