Tisbury: I still feel that bit of special happiness

— Kyra Steck

Heard on Main Street: When everything’s coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane.

When I was growing up, St. Patrick’s Day meant that everyone you knew was trying to wear green — or at least something green. It was really a celebration of the coming of spring and sunshine, and what we had waited for all winter.

I still feel that bit of special happiness — though where I lived in western Connecticut was unlikely to see warmth and sunshine that early in March. However, we all seemed to delight in the sunshine bringing a little bit of warmth this week.

A small group of us at the MV Playhouse two weeks ago enjoyed a wonderful — and very moving — Monday night movie from 1939 featuring Bette Davis, a young and impressive actress. Ronald Reagan fitted right in as her drinking buddy. Not surprisingly, Humphrey Bogart played a slightly tough young man — but I could hardly believe that was really him. The film “Dark Victory” was remarkable.

Each winter Monday the Playhouse has a movie at 6 pm, only $5. Next Monday is Lana Turner in “Imitation of Life.” So many of the names in these older movies seem almost unknown today, though I find myself sometimes recognizing something about a few.

I used to enjoy the wonderful walks scheduled and led by the Vineyard Conservation Society, but am now unable to do them. However, I am especially pleased to still be on their email list. I recently enjoyed an absolutely intriguing article in the latest newsletter called “Why Moshup Trail Matters” by director Brendan O’Neill. The piece followed the cancellation of the latest walk on the trail with the comment “In place of Saturday’s Walk, we hope you enjoy this deep dive into the conservation history and ecology of the Moshup Trail heathlands.”

Brendan’s article “Why Moshup Trail Matters” was entrancing, beginning with the Legend of Moshup. The Wampanoag legend covers the creation of the land by the giant Moshup, presented briefly in the article before going on to describe the varied wonders of the area it covers, and the rationale for its preservation. I was fascinated with the legend notes, and the fact that the special lands being protected in the area are so much more diverse than I knew.

I do recommend this — you can read it at bit.ly/VCSMoshup. Or request a print copy: info@vineyardconservation.org, or call 693-9588.

Welcome home to John and Marta Chapman. They have safely arrived after an extended stay in Brazil. They had a wonderful visit with relatives, and an exciting trip home from Logan on Cape Air amidst the wind and snow last Saturday night.

Big bunches of birthday greetings go out today to Austin Chandler and Bow Van Riper. Wish the best tomorrow to Matthew Barton and his cousin Ben Bartolini. Happy birthday to Susan Mone and Susan Weyl on Saturday. Happy birthday to Phoenix Russell on Sunday. Monday belongs to Barbara Dacey and Skip Bailey.

Heard on Main Street: Later could be too late.