Proud to be a wash-ashore


To the Editor:

Ellen Miller and I disagree about being wash-ashores. I spent my first 22 years in Maine, and although the last 12 of them were in Presque Isle, in Aroostook County, I was always “from away.”

Thirty years ago I washed ashore on the Vineyard, and I’m rather proud to be a wash-ashore. I even had six T-shirts made for me and my friends, some of whom have spent every summer of their lives here before retiring as year-rounders.

I feel fortunate to have brought whatever it is I have to offer to this community I call home. I was born in Bangor, Maine, in order to be near my mother, and I’ve always been “from away.” 

Home is where the heart is.

Mine’s here.

Mary-Jean Miner