Real Estate Transactions: March 7 to 18



March 18, David Lynch and Laura Lynch, trustees of Lynch Realty Trust, sold a lot off of 0 Lobsterville Road to Gordon W. Bassett Jr., for $4,056.


March 17, Timothy C. Donald and Timothy L. Donald sold 45 Quenames Road to Stephen C. Mormoris for $2,500. 


March 9, Raey William Snodgrass Webster, trustee of Raey William Snodgrass Webster Living Trust, Ronald E. Jackson, and Kristen L. Jackson sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 505 Week 33 and Unit 356 week 33, to Kory Buckley and Nickolas Buckley for $25,000 and $16,000 respectively.

March 14, Donald R. Lassman, trustee of the Estate of Andrea A. Angera Jr., and the USA Bankruptcy Court of Massachusetts sold 3 Muskoday Way to Robert C. Weiss, trustee of 3 Muskoday Way Nominee Trust, for $1,900,000.   

March 15, 18 10th Street North Inc. sold 17 Tenth Street North to Michael Binder for $2,250,000.

March 17, Jackson A.E. Sandland and Daniel Li. Sandland, trustees of Long Hill Realty Trust, sold 3 Long Hill Road to Scott J. Mahoney and Jennifer Mahoney for $2,010,000.

March 17, Erwin A. Thompson sold 9 Suttons Way to Richard S. Dubin, trustee of 9 Suttons Way Realty Trust, for $1,950,000.

March 17, Marilyn F. Canis, trustee of Marilyn F. Canis Declaration of Trust, sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 516 Week 35 to James Howell and April Howell for $5,000.

March 17, Arthur Nilsen and Arthur W. Nilsen sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 506 Week 41 to Eric Hastings and Rheanna Hastings for $2,000. 


March 7, Christopher W. Cottrell, trustee of Christopher W. Cottrell 2017 Trust, sold 1 Cemetery Road to Nathan C. Hornbach and Rebecca Quin for $1,260,000.

March 8, Edward J. Olivier and Cynthia A. Olivier sold 3 Mayhew Way to Edward J. Sparks and Mary Katherine Dwyer, trustees of 3 Mayhew Way Nominee Trust, for $1,675,000.

March 11, Joana Jarillo sold 5 Farm Path to Bakori Davis and Adrienne Davis for $1,299,900. 


March 7, Kate Hughes, Thomas Hughes Hawksworth, and Oliver Philip Hughes sold 110 Skiff Avenue to Keith Maybury for $525,000.

March 9, Seth F. Gambino and the Estate of Rosemary E. Gambino sold 83 Causeway Road to Chabad of Martha’s Vineyard for $1,280,000.

March 9, Paul Rabbitt sold 26 Daggett Avenue to Jamie N. Atkins, trustee of Jamie N. Atkins Revocable Trust, and John J. Atkins, trustee of John J. Atkins Revocable Trust, for $960,000.

March 11, Earle A. Ray and Lynn Diann Ray sold 66 Weaver Lane to Greene Street Properties LLC for $6,400,000.

March 11, Paul J. Tines, trustee of Paul J. Tines Revocable Trust, sold 244 State Road to Janera Solomon and Jeremy Resnick for $855,000.

March 17, Michael Diamond and Patricia H. Diamond sold 39 Stonegate Circle to Raffi Gregorian for $2,375,000.


March 16, Tisbury Water Street LLC sold 79 Farm Road to Leo P. Desorcy for $1,090,000.

Multiple towns

March 15, James Ross Lamkin sold 699 Lamberts Cove Road and 1 Lamberts Cove Road to Andrea Angera Jr. for $650,000.