What Are You Watching? ‘Ted Lasso’


“Ted Lasso,” sporty, goofy, fun, funny, sensitive, sympathetic, empathetic, romantic, inspirational … enough about me, now let’s talk about the series. ‘Ted Lasso” brings all of the above and more. The premise is about a divorcée who, through her divorce settlement, attains ownership of her ex’s beloved football (soccer — the show takes place in London) franchise. In a twisted plot of scorn, her plan is to ruin; as in her own words, “burn the franchise to the ground,” to kill the only thing her ex-husband truly loved. To do so, her plan is to hire the quirky American college football coach, Ted Lasso, who knows zero about British football, to coach the London-based team called AFC Richmond. Through his infectious personality and unorthodox style and way of coaching, we follow Ted’s journey as he starts as a total disrespected outcast to gradually winning over the team’s supporters (who initially called him a “wanker”), the players, the club owner, and yours truly with his positive, supportive can-do attitude. It’s a series with a namesake you fall in love with. Watch it on Apple TV. Easily 4 stars!