Tisbury: The bug on the windshield

— MV Times

Heard on Main Street: Some days you’re the bug; some days you’re the windshield.

I feel as if I‘m the bug on the windshield. I keep going back to lose again — at least when it comes to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. “They” say to keep trying to get an appointment for the booster. I have been doing that, with no result. Then “they” send me all kinds of information that I have to somehow figure out how to read on the Partners Patient Gateway. That is something else I keep trying to connect with. And what if I couldn’t read email? Then I wouldn’t know that “they” kept thinking it would miraculously work if I would just keep trying.

At least in the old days, someone would answer the phone. I cannot be the only person who is tired of “Press 1 for answers,” only to get, “Press 2 through 10,” when they say what they hope you may be calling about, though those are never what you want. Can you learn to speak telephone?

I thought only tourists stop for turkeys. It appears that ambulances do, too. Although you have to admire those turkeys that cross the Edgartown Road at their own crosswalk. Those are about the only ones I stop for. On the other hand, the only ones I get close to always get safely out of the way.

Two sunny days in a row! It must be spring. You have to appreciate the bright and beautiful plants cheering for the change of season. When it keeps raining, it seems as if we’ve been waiting forever. At least the April showers know what month it is. A friend gave me a planter full of vibrant purple pansies, a smile in every one. They are quite happy with a split of sunshine and a brief shower of rain.

My idea of spring cleaning is remarkably less than what my mother did. She had everyone involved, beating rugs outdoors, washing curtains, scrubbing all the windows inside and out, even sweeping out the garage, in addition to the regular full-house cleaning.

Celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, April 23, by taking part in the 30th annual Beach Clean-Up Day. All ages are invited to clean up your favorite beach from 10 am to noon. See the full list at vineyardconservation.org. Volunteers will provide bags and gloves if you don’t bring your own. You can celebrate at an afterparty from 11 am to 2 pm at the Oak Bluffs Sailing Camp,

Tell the kids: The Conservation Society is running a trash contest for the coolest, grossest, and most unusual things found during clean-up. Entries can be brought to the afterparty, or emailed to info@vineyardconservation.org.

Questions are being raised about the diseases and damages caused by mold — at home, in schools, or even in the M.V. Hospital. Some people have major problems dealing with mold in their Island homes. Always knew it smelled bad, but didn’t realize it could seriously affect your health. 

I wondered whether there would be any problem with the new Tisbury School. Parts were going to be revamped. I understand the plan is for a full gut of the old building. This will allow for all the mechanicals to be updated, so they will be the same as the new portions of the project. It will also make it possible to address mold, if any is present.

Did you know we get another full moon that will be visible tomorrow, Friday, through Sunday? April’s Pink Moon takes its name from a type of pink flower known as Phlox subulata — also called moss pink or moss phlox — that blooms in spring. I don’t remember ever seeing a pink moon, so I really want to look for this one.

I received a sweet Easter greeting that suggested, “Count your eggs, your goodies, and your blessings.”

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Ann Lee and Mike McLaughlin tomorrow. Saturday, wish the best to Jack Rizza and Becky Renear. Ann Maley parties on Sunday. Tuesday belongs to Rozetta Hughes, Thomas Green, and Bob Tankard. 

Heard on Main Street: Never miss a good chance to shut up; you aren’t learning much when your lips are moving.