Youth basketball wrap-up

Xavier Clarke shoots a free throw while others ready for a possible rebound. — Courtesy Kevin Oliver

Week 3 of the Martha’s Vineyard Youth Basketball League was a burner! 

Tuesday, April 5

Lime 80, Green 49: For Lime, Noah Jones scored 25 points and Kamel Timmons scored a game high of 37. Kaio DaCosta scored 30 in the loss, while William Nickelson added 6.

Purple 74, Red 45: Kamel Timmons’ low post play and Jacob Silvia’s all-around game carried Purple to a decisive win. Maria Andrade scored 12, and Luke Yuhas added 6, for Red.

Blue 53, Orange 51: Blue managed to win the game in the closing seconds in what was the closest game of the evening. Emanuel Olivieria had a game-high 18, and Teagen Meyers contributed 15 for Blue. Gabe Brito and Jack Engler contributed 15 and 13, respectively, for Orange.


Thursday, April 7

Purple 57, Green 40: For Purple, Sam Zack scored 9 points and Kamel Timmons contributed 23. Matt Moore scored 16 points, while Kaio DaCosta and Porter Mohanke each added 8, for Green.

Red 58, Orange 47: For Red, Nate Story made shots from near the basket and past the 3-point line to score 26, while Silas Abrams chipped in 17. Barrett Oliver and Gabe Brito scored 15 and 13, respectively, for Orange.

Blue 71, Lime 51: Parker Bradlee scored 19 while Xavier Clarke finished with 18 points in the win. For Lime, Josh Lane scored 30, while Noah Jones added 20.