Oak Bluffs: It was a very social event

Easter grandpup. — Joanne Lambert

“Twixt May and April is to see, when winds breathe sweet, untidy though they be.” —William Shakespeare

I had to quote the Bard as his birthday is this week.

Voting day in Oak Bluffs is always fun, it was a very social event. Especially after two years of not running into people as often as usual. I caught up with many friends and neighbors. I saw Bill Anderson Sr. who is looking great, with a twinkle in his eye and a hug for all his many friends. He was with his daughter, the indomitable Kathy Farrissey, and it was a pleasure to see them both. I look forward to seeing the doors of the bike shop open for another season on the harbor, and to stopping for a chat about life with Bill on the picnic bench.

I also had a peek at the new town hall, thanks to Debra Alley, who spotted me taking a picture and opened the door, even though the open house was over. What a lovely space, welcoming and bright and very professional — like a town hall should be! Voting day and our new town hall makes me proud to be from OB. 

The harbor was busy this week with lots of cleaning up and repair work going on, getting ready for another season. It’s always exciting to have that first paper plate full of fried clams, watching the sunset, bundled in a hoodie. Can’t wait!

Earth Day Beach Clean-up will be hosted by the Vineyard Conservation Society on April 23. Their website lists the beach locations, but basically you can head to your favorite beach and help pick up trash.

The VTA is offering free rides that day for anyone cleaning the beaches. They were also generous enough to offer free rides to students through vacation week.

Dune grass has been planted in many places on our shoreline, by a myriad of dedicated volunteers. This took place in Aquinnah at Lobsterville Beach and also along State Beach in Oak Bluffs, where erosion is threatening the beaches and the ecosystem. I took a walk on South Beach last week, where the dunes have been severely eroded by winter storms over the last two years. There, on the left fork side, is another huge grass-planting effort, which will hopefully support and help rebuild the beach.

If you think you know a lot about Martha’s Vineyard history, join the M.V. Museum on April 22 for Island History Trivia Night. Prizes will be awarded to the expertly curated trivia test. The event starts at 5:30 pm, the $20 fee (members fee is $15) includes materials and two drink tickets. Pre-registration is required at mvmuseum.org.

The M.V. Cancer Support Group meets every Wednesday at 5 pm via Zoom (visit Mvcancersupport.org for link). It is open to patients, survivors, family, friends, and caregivers. The group also offers financial support for patients and families, through donations and fundraising, like their spring daffodil sale and other events. Call 508-627-7958 for more information.

April birthdays are plenty! On the 22nd, best wishes to Shelby Ponte, Heidi Ganser, and Jeff Bryant. The 23rd celebrates Gloria Steere and William Shakespeare, while the 24th includes James Moreis Jr and Judy Murray. Happy Birthday to Donna Pacheco on the 25th, and Vanessa Vento on the 26th. Sam Oslyn will party on the 27! 

It’s a short column this week, as I had a visit from the grandchildren and it was a very busy time. Elijah (age 8) and Augie (age 4) came from Greenfield, along with their parents and puppy Caper. We had a wonderful time doing all their favorite Island things, and let me just say, I will sleep well tonight! 

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