Change the task force logo


To the Editor:
I would like to comment on a recent heroin bust of a homeless man in Vineyard Haven. The picture presented by the Vineyard Haven Police, printed by The Times, is ridiculous. It’s a little over a thousand dollars, a couple of cell phones, and a small amount of some drugs.

Being that the man arrested is homeless, I doubt he has a bank account, so that is all the money he has.

The picture also has the logo of the Drug Task Force, which has a marijuana leaf with, for some dumb reason, an 8-ball in the middle, again totally ridiculous. Marijuana has been decriminalized in the commonwealth since 2008, medical marijuana has been legal since 2012, and recreational marijuana has been legal since 2016. This recent bust will do nothing to change anything, but hopefully this letter will be the end of their moronic logo.

Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs