Ultimate chocolate chip cookie, or is it a pie, or a cake?


When it comes to cooking dinner, it’s become apparent that my boyfriend is always in charge of buying and cooking the protein, and me, the dessert. When I whine, “Baaaabe, what’s for dessert?” he usually mutters something along the lines of, “If you want dessert so bad, why don’t you make it?” as he lights the grill.

Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty creative, making chocolate-dipped Oreos, brownie sundaes, birthday cake milkshakes, cannoli dip, all which were good — but this one I feel is really worth sharing.

A monster chocolate chip cookie, a cookie pie, a cookie skillet, a cookie bake, it could be called a number of things, but most importantly, it’s doughy and delicious. Remarkably, it’s also easy, cheap, and only dirties a couple of dishes. What a dessert! It reminds me a bit of the cookie skillet you can order from Uno’s, the one that comes to your table piping hot along with a number of long spoons for sharing.

It all starts with cookie dough. The packaging says right on the outside “safe to eat raw,” and to me that means minimal cooking time, a.k.a. warm cookie dough or the “sweet spot,” I call it, a place between the store shelves and before it’s a crispy baked cookie.

It’s almost so simple it almost doesn’t require a recipe, just a photo, but just in case, here it is.

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

premade chocolate chip cookie dough
graham cracker pie crust
whipped topping or whipped cream
ice cream
butterscotch topping (optional)

Cut up the chocolate chip cookie dough into chunks. Arrange the dough in the store-bought graham cracker pie crust. (Save the plastic pie crust package. You can use it as a lid to store the leftovers.) 

Bake for 15 to 25 minutes at 350°. Let cool, so as to not burn your mouth. Spoon into your dessert dish.

Top with whipped topping, ice cream (flavor of preference), and butterscotch sauce, or whatever toppings you like best!