Edgartown select board approves licenses, makes reappointments

Police Chief Bruce McNamee, shown here at a 2019 meeting, told the select board he had no issues with any of the taxi renewals. -MVTimes

Licenses were approved by the Edgartown select board for three Edgartown taxi companies —  MV Taxi, Stagecoach and Adam Cab — Monday. Edgartown Police Chief Bruce McNamee said he “looked over the last year’s worth of calls of service involving those three cab companies and there’s really nothing that jumped out at me that would prevent any of them from being renewed.”

One day liquor licenses were approved for Eisenhauer Gallery and FARM Institute’s Meals in the Meadow event, and lodging house licenses were approved for the Harborside Inn and the Vineyard Square Hotel.

Town Administrator James Hagerty briefly mentioned that the ongoing discussions regarding the funding formula working group for the MVRHS maintenance project are “progressing,” noting the upcoming working group meeting on Wednesday will hopefully conclude in “somewhat of a successful product.” 

“But then again, those are ongoing [discussions],” he said. As The Times reported, the working group is leaning toward a formula based on 25 percent equalized valuation (EQV) and 75 percent enrollment.

In other business, the following town reappointments were announced by select board Chair Margaret Serpa and approved by the select board:

Affordable Housing Committee, a three-year term: Jason Mazur-Kelly, Christine White

Affordable Housing Trust, a three-year term: Maria Ventura, Mark Hess, Margaret Serpa

Katama Airfield Commission, a three-year term: William Brine III, Edward Vincent Jr.

Beautification Committee, a one-year term: Carol Fligor, Cammie Naylor, Renee Clermont, Juliet Mulinare

Board of Fire Engineers, a one-year term: Andrew Kelly, Geoffrey Freeman, Trevor Scanlon, Dick Kelly, Peter Shemeth, Scott Ellis, Larry Thomas

Board of Registrars, a three-year term: Kristy Rose, 

Capital Programs Committee, a three-year term:Gail Crotaeu, David Ignacio

Cemetery Commission, a three-year term: Andrew Kelly

Community Preservation Committee, a three-year term: Michael McCourt, Paul Pertile

Conservation Commission, a three-year term: Jeff Carlson, Geoffrey Kontje, Lillian Province

Council on Aging, a three-year term: Marvene O’Rourke, Rosemary Cunningham, Nancy Ignacio

Dredge Committee, a three-year term: Ed Handy

Historic District Commission, a three-year term: James Cisek, Julia Tarka, Chris Scott (alternate)

Marine Advisory Committee, a three-year term: Bruce McIntosh

Shellfish Committee, a three-year term: Nicolas Turner

Sign Advisory Committee, a three-year term: Julia Tarka, Martin Tomassian

Zoning Board of Appeals, a three-year term: Martin Tomassian, Carol Grant, Gerret Conover