Poet’s Corner


O’ to be Bear
By Jonathan Burke

O’ to be Bear
live in land
where rivers begin
mountains fill sky
thundering land
of song
nature’s might
land of Bear.

O’ to be Bear
so joyful
summer grass
lush thick green
snowy air
plump scents
wonderful mouthfuls
sweet blueberry.

O’ to be Bear
bold and true
great big body
brown fur coat
Earth’s smile
boulder and rock
creek and stream
Caribou plains.

O’ to be Bear
lumbering free
proud old trees
pretty spring flowers
high peaks
valley floors
tundra of ponds
Bear’s home.

O’ to be Bear
wanting only:
country to roam
dream of hills
bark on tree
playful river bend
wings of eagle
sign on trail. 

O’ to be Bear
celebrating all
melodious clearing
peaceful lake
days long
orb burning
pale blue sky
content of Bear.

O’ to be Bear
wade plod
icy cold waters
current strong
full of hope
so pleased
magical treat
Bear’s maw.

O’ to be Bear
dig cozy den
warm and snug
(dry roof overhead)
curl up now
plentiful fat
majestic storm
again begun.

O’ to be Bear
eight feet tall
enormous belly
arms at sides
color scent sound
wild hue
world of Bear.

Jonathan Burke lives in Vineyard Haven and works at the Oak Bluffs library. He enjoys writing poetry and recently started writing about his outdoor adventures for the MV Times.
Poets with a connection to Martha’s Vineyard are encouraged to submit poems to Poet’s Corner curator Laura Roosevelt at ldroosevelt@gmail.com.