Real Estate Transactions: May 2 to May 6


May 4, Joshua A. Recave and David G. Recave sold 0 Rose Meadow to Alan P. Slatas for $350,000. 

May 4, Susan C. Skelley, trustee of David Flanders III Family Nominee Trust, sold 0 Pature Road to Isabella F. Thorpe for $150,000. 

May 4, Amanda H. Haynes-Dale, Arthur E. Eisman, trustees of Trust Established Under Article Three of the Will of Evelyn, and Sheila Haynes Hale, sold 45 Quenames Road to Wilma G. Hancock for $2,000. 

May 2, Clare Harrington, also known as Clare Gesualdo, sold 30 Caleb Pond Road to J2B LLC for $4,950,000. 

May 2, Michael A. Tyler, trustee of Coefield Realty Trust, sold 5 Hye Road to Tracy Rothmeyer and Thomas J. Duffey, trustees of Planting Field Trust, for $1,375,000. 

May 4, James M. Wilson and Shiva Wilson, trustees of Wilson Family Living Trust, and James F. Wilson, trustee of Wilson Revocable Living Trust, sold 24 Mill Hill Road to Ruth W. Bellizzi and Michael J. Bellizzi, trustees of Bellizzi Family 1999 Realty Trust, for $142,500. 

Oak Bluffs
May 6, Deanna Barmakian, personal representative of the Estate of Lillian Barmakian, Deanna Barmakian, and Adam Barmakian, and as the trustee of Barmakian-Shawanue Nominee Trust, sold 0 Shawanue Avenue to Andrew G. Klein and Noa G. Klein, trustees of Andrew & Noa Klein Living Trust for $575,000. 

May 2, Jean N. August, Trustee of Jean N. August Revocable Trust, sold 203 Franklin Street to Olsen Houghton and Amy Houghton for $675,000. 

May 4, West Tis Dreaming LLC sold 93 Hvoslof Way to Kendal McTeigue for $1,620,000. 

May 4, Esther L. Davis sold 133 Franklin Terrace to Daniel Preysman and Jessie Gerson-Nieder for $1,050,000. 

West Tisbury
May 2, Shannon P. Gregory Carbon and the Estate of Dorothy Gregory sold 6 Bea Lane to RF Falcon LLC for $2,462,500. 

May 2, Stillpoint Meadows LLC sold 6 Stillpoint Meadows Road, 20 Stillpoint Meadows Road, 36 Stillpoint Meadows Road, and 50 Stillpoint Meadows Road to Stillpoint Martha’s Vineyard Inc. for $2,325,000. 

May 2, Stillpoint Meadows LLC sold 3 Stillpoint Meadows Road and 37 Stillpoint Road to Anna Fitch and Edward Banker White III for $3,800,000. 

May 2, Stillpoint Meadows LLC sold 51 Stillpoint Meadows Road, 61 Stillpoint Meadows Road, 65 Stillpoint Meadows Road, 71 Stillpoint Meadows Road, 76 Stillpoint Meadows Road, 77 Stillpoint Meadows Road, and 725 State Road to Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $2,500,000.