Real Estate Transactions: May 9 to 13


May 11, Gerald Atkinson and Joanne Silberg sold 235 Meetinghouse Way to Stefanie Sim, trustee of Beach Shack Realty Trust, for $1,900,000.

May 11, David J. Dunderdale and Franci R. Dunderdale sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 250 Week 39 to Dale L. Hamilton-Powers for $4,000. 

May 11, Catherine A. McGorty and Robert J. McGorty sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 250 Week 39 to Ricardo Anderson for $900. 

May 12, Michael S. Copeck and Teresa C. Copeck sold 15 Mill Street Unit 23 to Stephanie Trahan McClung for $320,000. 

May 12, David Ames Jr., trustee of Ames Number Three Realty Trust, sold 20 Wood Avenue to James Russell and Elizabeth Russell for $685,000. 

Oak Bluffs
May 11, Jacqueline N. Mitchell sold 18 Highland Ave. to David R. Parent and David E. Corvese, trustees of Dave Squared Nominee Trust, for $550,000. 

May 13, Nina Conklin sold 0 Franklin Avenue to Paulo Muniz and Adriana De Oliveira Khouri for $460,000. 

May 13, Ana Cristina Sampaio sold 8 Fairway Drive to James Lightburn and Christine Lightburn for $1,500,000.

May 9, Patricia N. Lima and Kristina R. Vickstrom, trustees of Eleanor C. Carreiro Testamentary Trust, sold 154 Daggett Ave. to BP Great Homes MA LLC for $799,000. 

West Tisbury
May 10, Steven Kuncman and Rachel L. Kuncman sold 63 Vineyard Meadows Farms Road to 3 Long Hill Road LLC for $1,600,000.