Oak Bluffs man faces terrorism charge

If you have any information that may assist investigators, contact the Massachusetts State Police. .-MV Times

A 29-year-old Oak Bluffs man was charged with making a terroristic threat and use of a hoax device in connection with an off-Island incident, according to a press release issued by Barnstable Police.

Eduardo Filho was arrested by State Police on Martha’s Vineyard Friday night, and returned to Barnstable via the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office boat.

According to the release, police were called on Friday at 6:43 pm to the Fogo Brazilian Barbecue at 39 Iyannough Road (Route 28) in Hyannis for a suspicious package. The release states that Filho “left a travel bag at the restaurant and then called the restaurant stating that if anyone touched the bag, he would make it explode.”

Barnstable Police “in an abundance of caution,” and with the assistance of Hyannis Fire Department, Yarmouth Police Department, and the Massachusetts State Police, evacuated the immediate area and notified the State Police Bomb Squad, the release states. “The State Police Bomb Squad was able to examine the package and determine there were no explosive materials or devices present,” the release states.

Filho was initially held in lieu of $25,000 bail, but at his arraignment Monday in Barnstable District Court, the bail was reduced to $1,500, and he was released after it was posted. He is scheduled for a pretrial hearing on June 22.


  1. So, you can lead a deadly seditious insurrection to overthrow the US government , then get to retire to Mar A Lago, but leave a old duffel bag outside a restaurant and law enforcement moves heaven, earth and the Sheriffs boat to bring him to justice?
    This country deserves another 4 years of Trump with that kind of wisdom.

  2. James– He didn’t just leave on old duffel bag outside of a restaurant. He calling in a bomb threat.—- did you read that part ?
    It resulted in the evacuation of “the immediate area” , the activation of the bomb squad and a response from the Barnstable and Yarmouth police, Hyannis fire dept, and Mass. State police.
    It would seem that dozens of first responders were taken away from whatever they were doing. It obviously closed down the bar , and likely disrupted traffic.
    It has nothing to do with other crimes.
    Or do you think people should have the right to claim they are leaving bombs in public places as part of their “freedom of speech” ?

    I don’t get your point.
    The next time you get pulled over for doing 60 in a 30 zone, try telling the officer to leave you alone because trump is playing golf.
    Let us know how it goes.

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