West Tisbury: We live in the most beautiful place in the world

— Kyra Steck

After a spate of gray, drizzly days, the sun finally came out for a beautiful weekend. We were spared the 90°-plus degree heat that weathermen had predicted. It was warm, but pleasant, the kind of day that makes me feel obligated to be outside, to enjoy every minute.

Mike and I took Abby for extra walks. There were surprisingly few people out, so we mostly had the beach to ourselves. A boy and his father came along, saying they were going for their first swim of the season. A couple appeared with two springer spaniels, perfect playmates for Abby. Plenty of stick chasing and swimming for the dogs, who finally came out of the water and rolled in the sand. There’s nothing better than bringing home a wet, sandy, happy golden retriever.

While Mike and Abby were on the beach, I was drawing along the path. The shapes and colors were so spectacular when we walked on Saturday that I was determined to bring a sketchbook and pencil with me on Sunday, to get the basic designs I wanted. Those long landscapes with blowsy shrubbery always attract me, rounded shapes with interesting intersections and angles. Seeing it felt breathtaking, literally taking my breath away. As familiar as that oft-painted scene is to me, it never fails to entrance me. We live in the most beautiful place in the world. 

Nelson has been busy ridding the property of rabbits. He takes his duties seriously, and has been leaving the dead remains on our front porch as a gift for Mike and me. His cat flap is still locked, so he can’t bring his presents into the house. Instead, he deposits his latest treasure, and yowls his loudest to attract our attention.

On Sunday, Mike came home later than usual from radio check, around 1 o’clock. The crew had spent the morning cleaning out the bays for the arrival of State Police and their motorcycles, who would be stationed there for Vice President Harris’ visit to the island. They have used Station 1 since President Clinton and his family began coming to the Island, then again for the Obamas. I always like seeing the polished bikes and hearing them up on the road.

Friday is the beginning of Memorial Day weekend. What happened to April and May? Time goes so fast these days. The MV Times staff is taking the holiday off, so if anyone has something to go into next week’s column, know that I have an early deadline of this Friday. Please call me at 508-693-2525 or email hermine.hull@gmail.com with any news. My Comcast email isn’t working again, and I am ready to throw my hands up and scream in total frustration.

The library, school, Council on Aging, and town hall will be closed on Monday for Memorial Day.

The Lyme Support Group will be meeting at the Howes House on the next two Tuesdays, May 31 and June 7, at 6:30 pm. Call Dr. Enid Haller at 508-560-1893 for more information.

My next job for today is to take my houseplants outside for the summer. It always feels like the house sighs in relief when the greenhouse gets cleared out. Then maybe I’ll pick some rhubarb for a pie.