Women have other options


To the Editor:

I am writing in regard to the letter written by Tom Dresser (On the draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade,” May 16) about the draft decision — and possible overturn — of Roe v. Wade in an upcoming Supreme Court ruling. Like Tom, I also was pondering this special moment in our history, where much hangs in the balance, as once again the question of abortion has become the center of attention.

It’s about time, considering the immense loss — over 60 million — of lives, not allowed to live. 

My thoughts and heart called me to the sea, which is the most amazing display of God’s creation, aside from his creation of a new human being. They are not always welcome, or by today’s definition, wanted or unwanted. And that is where our understanding of the issue takes a different direction. I am pro-life to the core. To me, every life has value. Tom speaks of the right of a woman’s body, and her choice. But there is no longer one body, but two bodies, a child with its own DNA and fingerprints.

The Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion was an earthshattering event. That very issue has caused a great division in our country. Pro-life versus pro-abortion. This flawed law, enacted by seven out of nine Supreme Court justices in 1973, was not democracy. Let us understand that we, the citizens of America, were not consulted, it wasn’t legislated, but decreed, as by a Roman emperor.

So now, the life of the child became an option. Do I want this child or not? And, if not, I can take it to be killed by an abortionist.

Choice, coined by the mantra of Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers, became the permission to do whatever you wanted to do.

The original understanding for choice was our freedom to choose, such as: spouse, companion, what channels we use for our educational growth, and of course material things, such as: house, car, clothing, environment, etc.

“Choice” does not/should never include the killing of human beings. A baby in the womb is just very small, but fully endowed with potential, possibilities, creativities, and its appointed mission for its life.

Whatever happened to “Thou shalt not kill?” Death, inflicted by a perpetrator, is still abhorred, and we condemn it. So why do we make an exception when it comes to the life of a baby?

We don’t see it, while it is in its mother’s womb, and she is accorded control over it, and not even a pleading father is given privilege to this child. 

The “procedure” to undo the presence of the child is so brutal, barbaric, and painful to this little victim that the news channels refuse to air it because it would traumatize us. Likewise, the abortionist doesn’t allow the ultrasound to the patient, for in most cases women change their mind when they see their baby.

See, these hidden truths prevent people from seeing what is happening in our world, especially now. We still associate abortion with “poor women,” because that appeals to our compassionate hearts. When women, and many that would not fall into that category of poor, all need help, assistance in difficult circumstances, and help in that stressful time, and even guidance that this trial can be overcome. Life is rarely smooth sailing all the time. In those times, we do need comfort, help, compassion.

America was known for its compassion. And we in our pro-life community — which has grown since its inception — are taking it very seriously by providing sheltering, places to live, a safe environment, and financial support and love. Many volunteers help with resources. Is that made known in communities? 

Many women resort to abortion as a quick solution. But is it? So many women suffer from the aftermath of abortion. (You can’t bring the child back.) Grief comes, not always immediately and sometimes years afterwards, but it will come. 

Rachel’s Vineyard is proof of that.

And healing too, if a woman asks for God’s love and mercy.

One last thought. Think of that little child (miraculously spared from abortion), now a toddler, putting its feet into waves and trying to catch them. The delight of mother, father, and family experiencing this joy with this child. It brings unsurpassed happiness into our souls.


Margaret Van Sciver
Vineyard Haven