Art Cliff Diner to remain closed this summer

Sorry pancake fans, Art Cliff Diner will remain closed and under construction this summer. — George Brennan

Island visitors who count on breakfast or lunch at the Art Cliff Diner as part of the perfect Vineyard day will be disappointed with this news: The diner will remain closed and under construction throughout summer.

As Memorial Day weekend approached, a fence remained around the property, with construction equipment and a large trash bin outside the restaurant.

In a text exchange with The Times, owner Gina Stanley confirmed the diner will remain closed. “Will not be open this summer,” she wrote. She acknowledged in the text messages that there have been a lot of rumors flying about the future of the diner, but she said it all comes down to the construction project that’s underway.

The contractor for the project is Fielding and Sons.

The Vineyard Haven restaurant, located across Beach Road from The Times, has been under construction for much of the spring. “I took a job for the summer back in January, knowing it would not be done on time,” Stanley wrote. She said the permitting process is time-consuming, and she wants “to make sure to make it the best it can be for the next 80 years.”


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