Real Estate Transactions: May 30 to June 3, 2022



June 1, George J. Katilus III and Christine D. Katilus sold 141 Lighthouse Road to Walter Preston Baldwin and Donna C. Baldwin for $3,400,000.



June 1, 76 Menemsha Inn Road LLC sold 76 Menemsha Inn Road to Michael A. Bass, trustee of 76 Menemsha Inn Road Nominee Trust, for $8,500,000.



June 2, Robert L. Goulart and Roberta Goulart sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo, Unit 23, Unit 459 and Unit 463, to Steven J. Kellem for $14,000.

June 3, Chad A. Verdi, also known as Chad Verdi, and Michelle Verdi sold 52 South Summer Street to David P. Malm for $8,500,000.


Oak Bluffs

May 31, Robert Scherer and Shawn Sherer sold 14 Wheelhouse Way to Jenna K. Wheeler for $899,000.

June 3, Pamela S. Melrose sold 27 Barling Road to Kamil Valiyev for $900,000.

June 3, John M. Gonsalves and Kimberly Brown sold 81 Rogers Way to Denisse Ross and Coy Ross for $1,400,000.

June 3, Frank E. Fennessy and Nancy L. Fennessy sold 9 High Meadow Lane to 314 T LLC for $1,499,000



May 31, William J. Harrison, trustee of Patricia H. Crosson Trust, sold 40 Bridle Path Road to Laura K. Thompson and Jeffrey R. Thompson for $2,100,000.

June 2, Marilyn M. Lohrs, trustee of Lohrs Family Trust Agreement, sold 21 Weaver Lane to Peter S. Hedberg and Leslie M. Hedberg for $1,695,000.

June 3, James C. Hansen III and Maria M. Hansen sold 124 Skiff Avenue, Unit 16 and Unit A-20, to Thomas J. Doyle and Amy P. Goldberg for $520,000.

June 3, Clayton Trading Co. LLC sold 0 Weaver Lane to Kenneth T. Roache and Stephanie W. Roache for $887,250.