V.H. man arraigned on murder threat charge

Brian Langhammer appeared via Zoom at his arraignment, charged with one count of threat to commit a crime, murder specifically.

A Vineyard Haven man was arraigned Wednesday in Edgartown District Court on a charge of threat to commit a crime. Judge Paul Pino set bail for Brian Langhammer, who appeared via Zoom link while in sheriff’s custody, at $10,000.

Langhammer criticized the bail he was given, and Judge Pino told him he had the right to contest the bail in superior court, should he choose to do so. 

“You’ve given me a death sentence, thank you,” Langhammer said.

Other conditions Judge Pino set were home confinement and GPS monitoring, ostensibly if Langhammer posts bail, and no use of social media. Judge Pino also ordered a mental health evaluation. 

Tisbury Police Chief Chris Habekost told The Times his department charged Langhammer with threat to commit a crime, specifically murder, based on one or more social media postings and other communications that he declined to reveal due to the ongoing nature of the investigation. Chief Habekost said police appear to be the target of the threat, and the Massachusetts State Police have joined the investigation.


  1. Hoping they’ll offer counseling in the event
    this guy’s having some emotional issues. In happier times it appears Langhammer was known as the “hot dog king” of MV. Lots of happy and fun pics in prior write ups on him. Something must be wrong that perhaps only traditional punishments won’t
    address. That said we need to keep our revered law enforcement officers safe as a first priority.

  2. Jean, all due respect but you haven’t a clue what is the basis of the legitimate grievances Brian has against law enforcement officials on Martha’s Vineyard.
    If you want a clue where his and a great number of others have formed their beliefs about the corrupt nature of our “revered” island police officials, read the MV Times.
    Our “revered” Sheriffs are not much better.
    The same law enforcement agency who makes these accusations against Brian, can not even manage the inventory of their own lethal weapons.

    • Really, James, the “threat to commit a crime, specifically murder,” wins out, hands down over any “legitimate grievances.” If he had followed through successfully with his threat, would you still claim that he had had a legitimate grievance?
      I’m familiar with your personal beef against Island law enforcement. Having worked with them for a short time; having seen them in action, positively, and not so positively, I’ve learned to take them individually. Try it sometime.

  3. Really? “I worked with the police a short time, so I know how everything works.”
    This goes to greater lengths to show, in that “short time” how significantly you have been acculturated in the mindset of these officials Brian legitimately presented his grievances towards.
    He has had the ALLEGATION filed against him of issuing a threat, not as you, judge, jury and executioner seek to present it, a done deal.
    Innocent till proven guilty may seem a little bothersome to you and your former “revered” colleagues (credit to Jean), but it means something to the rest of us.
    All I want for Brian is the same justice dished out to the Pride of Alaska, Sarah Palin, when she issued that Congressional map with certain Districts marked by a crosshair sight, which we know was nothing.
    Because the standard in this country is offensive, even repugnant viewpoints are not necessarily unlawful.
    And for someone who claims to have witnessed the “not so positive” aspects of our local police, you sure give the victims of their nefarious actions a lot of respect.
    Look how many years it is taking the courageous MV Times to strip the matter of the VH person who had the worst horror inflicted upon her because the TPD refused to do their jobs, busy concealing those actions ever since.
    The list of outrageous actions by the TPD are simply too numerous to list here.
    That you would so casually skate past their effects on our community in your rush to convict Brian, is appalling.

    • James– Brian posted a pretty clear warning.
      it certainly was about as clear as it can get that he was threatening violence on the police department.
      He has many times voiced his negative opinion of the police in general, and Tisbury specifically on this forum and I am sure others.
      You don’t get arrested and evaluated for posting that you don’t approve of the police.
      Your post is proof of that.
      But we have seen it often enough to know that violence is often preceded by warnings that are posted on social media. This particular post crossed the line by a long way.

      Guys who beat or kill their wives or girlfriends will tell you all about what they did to deserve it. Brian hasn’t been convicted of anything yet, but he did post a clear warning of violence.
      Do you think it would be justified if he shot a police officer?
      Do you think the police should just ignore it?
      Sarah Palin should have been thrown in jail, but some people have more privilege than others.
      You can skip the whataboutism.. Violence, or the threat of violence is never appropriate.

    • Mark–Brian has been living on this island for years. Perhaps decades.. I don’t know how long, but he certainly is not a new arrival.

  4. Don, usually you are pretty fair, but this time you have laid bare some real inconsistency.
    First you wrote that Brian is not guilty of anything yet, then you go on to convict him no less than 4 times in the Court of Don Keller , Hypocrisy Division.
    Repeatedly stating he has made a clear threat.
    The only clear threat here is the Tisbury Police to civilized society.
    Brian didn’t adopt his feelings about the TPD in a theoretical vacuum. The TPD earned this scorn, one lawsuit and discrimination complaint at a time.
    That he wishes “justice is coming” is probably to his intellectual credit.
    With so many legal actions filed against them, justice is indeed coming. Just not (nor would I ever approve of) in the manner you have convicted him on.
    The Court of Don Keller needs to apply the same due process standards Sarah Palin received, to Brian.
    There simply is no public record Brian has advocated for anything more than lawful justice to the 32 Water St mob.
    The self serving, speculative conclusions you and the “revered” law enforcement officers reading these words, who have charged Brian, could try a little self-reflection to look around their own house of disarray.
    Apologize to the Kindia Roman, Meisner, Patti, Buckley and everyone else you have abused, before deflecting to Brian.
    Then if you have any time left over, go over to the home of the person suspected of being responsible for the “missing” Glock so we can all move on.

    • James– You have what I said completely backwards.
      I never used the word “guilty”
      In fact , I stated that he has not been convicted of anything.

      How do you claim I said he was “guilty”?
      There is no reason to suspect that he did not put that post up.
      He didn’t deny it, he used an alias that is very close to his name that is in fact linked to him.
      We can simply browse through some of his posts here to see that he doesn’t like the police.
      I know this guy– while I don’t think he is dangerous, I would not be surprised if he was found guilty of this offense by a jury of his peers.
      You can have your opinion as to whether a crime was committed, but the police charged him with one– not me.
      Am I not free to express my opinion about Sarah Palin ?
      In my opinion , she did more things worthy of being “locked up” than Hillary Clinton.

      And lastly, who are you talking about that I should apologize to ?
      I only recognize one name up there, Patti, who was my second ex wife.
      We had our issues, but I never abused her.
      You can look up my police record, and you will find that in march of 1996 I was arrested during a verbal altercation with my stepson. It is the only time I have been arrested in my life. She wanted the argument to stop, and dialed 911 as a way to end the argument.
      She said nothing and immediately hung up. She did not know the police could track the location and would show up. When they did, she lied and said I had pushed her.
      At the time, the nation was becoming aware of the serious problem of domestic abuse, and the responding police officer decided it was prudent to remove me from the situation. Since I was the guy… and it was her son. It would have been illogical for them to remove her or her son, as that would have done little to de escalate anything.
      It did not go to court, (except for a brief hearing the next morning) there was no litigation, no closed door deals, no plea bargains, no payment to the victims fund, and all charges were dropped. I returned to the house, and we went to couples counseling until September of 1996 when she amicably moved out. We had a no fault divorce and are on good terms at this point.
      Is that enough personal dirt for you ?
      I’m curious about any of these other people you accuse me of abusing.
      You often throw our statements here with no basis, and I call you on them. You rarely, if ever answer me about them.
      I really want to know about this slanderous comment that you have publicly posted about me.

      And while we’re throwing personal dirt around, you seem to think you have been the victim of “a warrantless search without probable cause” -James Kozak Oct. 24 2017 as quoted in the Vineyard Gazette.
      We’re all victims, right ?

      Your red herring distractions about the Glock are getting old.

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