Vineyard Haven couple asks for help in locating missing cockatiel

Vineyard Haven residents John and Bennie Hickey are hoping for the community's help in locating their missing cockatiel, Riley.

Vineyard Haven residents John and Bennie Hickey are searching for their much-loved cockatiel, who had flown away after his cage was left open Wednesday. The cockatiel, named Riley, was given to the Hickeys by a relative, and has yellow and orange coloration on his head and a light gray body.

Attempts made to retrieve Riley from a nearby tree using a ladder proved unsuccessful, as Riley then flew away. The Hickeys are concerned about the bird’s well-being after having been missing over the past few rainy days. Mrs. Hickey told The Times that Riley is particularly close to her husband, who is an Island attorney.

Mr. Hickey said Riley is “finger trained,” and can produce a cat’s whistle. Because Riley has been in a domestic setting for a long time, “[it’s] hard to conceive that he could survive in the wild,” said Mr. Hickey. 

The couple have two lovebirds in addition to the cockatiel. Mrs. Hickey said the lovebirds are not as affectionate to their humans as Riley is, which makes it all the more missed. The Hickeys are hoping for the bird’s safe return, and wish to be notified if any members of the community happen to identify or locate the bird’s whereabouts.

Any information regarding sightings of Riley can be shared with the Hickey family at 508-696-4889.


  1. Maybe have a heart and don’t put the location of where they think it could be behind a paywall.

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